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12 pieces
37 solves
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  1. mgm500:16
  2. JEBabeto0:16
  3. wshealy0:18
  4. pippin560:19
  5. JennyG660:19
  6. pohodo0:20
  7. Elleke19530:20
  8. rootbeer80:20
  9. jals0:22
  10. sauvegirl0:24


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Definitely gave this job to someone who hadn't been working very long . . . or maybe he had fell off the ladder and fell on his head BEFORE they gave him this job . . .


All goes back to "they had one job" :-)))


And this is why we hire "professionals". TFS


Penophil, if there is a TP holder on the other side of the wall, you would still need a very long arm to reach it! Wendy


It took me a minute. Sometimes you have to wonder who was in charge. My sister and I just spent a night in a hotel and the faucet was set so far back behind the sink, it barely flowed into the sink and there was very little room to get your hands under the water. Didn't work very well.


Well....I HAVE seen some amateur do-it-yourself projects that just don't work!

This has got to be a 'set up". Who, in their right mind, would put a roll of t p in another part of the room? I have a feeling there is another roll on the other side of the wall, for one use, and this roll is to take the place of tissues when putting on make up. Right?


I was going to say that the safety rails look okay...and the seat is down....I think they better contact their contractor, and get things fixed, immediately!


I must be dumber than a bag of nails. Took me a bit to figure out why someone would post a picture of their bathroom!!! Hopefully the TP holder can be moved................Wendy


It takes less time to do this puzzle that to have to backtrack to get TP.

Why this advertisement?