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Only ice runway in the Lower 48 states approved by the FAA

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New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee ice runway draws pilots from around the Northeast
Planes are parked after flying in on frozen Lake Winnipesaukee Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015, in Alton,N.H. Dozens of pilots flew in to the the only ice runway in the Lower 48 states approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. (AP Photo/Jim Cole
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BK , I've seen those houses on the canals in Canada on the Detroit river. Very comfortable. The canals were made by Al Capone during the rum running days of prohibition. I have ice fished in those and had plenty of spirits to keep a glow on. Jim


You wouldn't believe the "Bob houses" they use here. They have all the comforts of a proper Man Cave that's for sure. Yes it would be cheaper to buy a fish dinner but I suspect I know which you would find more fun to do ;-)


Rob , I knew BK would know, this is her stomping grounds in this beautiful state..


BK ,Thanks for the info,
2 feet thick would do it for sure. Another reason I don't like ice fishing is spudding a hole through the ice to go fishing. I'll go and buy a fish dinner and stay warm. Jim


Janet , probably when they start using float planes , hahahaha Hugs dear friend, Jim.


BK , I agree with you , plus I don't like ice fishing.


What a fascinating photo Jim - there's a lot going on there:))) Thanks for the info - and thanks Beekay:))))


nonnalouisa and Jim the ice thickness would vary in different areas of this huge lake. I understand they wait until the ice in this area is 2ft. thick before they use the landing strip. I believe the tv show (article) was on New Hampshire Chronicles, you may look online for it.


That is different Jim. What an amazing runway! I wonder when they decide it's not so safe any more!
Thanks and hugs dear friend.


I was just watching a program on this last week. This area is VERY popular with retired pilots and so many of them have small planes. Great shot of the lake and mountains...but I do prefer the other 3 seasons views over this one ;-)


Lyndee, Lots of light planes there . I wonder if ice fishing is the attraction ?


smllpkg, I wonder if they fly in to ice fish?


That's one busy lake.


Look at all the ice fishing going on around the lake, too.


nonnalouisa, I just saw this on the news this morning , so I really have no Idea. I hear its a 3000 foot strip. What are you flying? Enjoy your warm weather.
There is a lady "BeeKay " who is from New Hampshire , you could ask her , she's very knowledgeable.


Awesome! How thick is the ice? I'm a pilot in FL, not planning to fly up, but just curious. Thanks!

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