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Payton, the Deer Hunter...........

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  1. illingcm1:07
  2. Robbos1:09
  3. Pappadok1:09
  4. dartagnan1:25
  5. hadzi1:31
  6. Impie1:35
  7. yarnover1:39
  8. pegleg1:53
  9. golfergirl2:05
  10. vinette2:10


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This gives a new meaning to 'enrichment'! Ans it is not even battery operated.


Hi Jaklien, shhhhh Payton does not know he is not a deer


The deer hunter, don't think so...☺☺☺


Formersusan, I checked her shows she was online today. I will msg her and let her know you were asking after her!


Formersusan, No and I am so glad you mentioned her. I am going to figure out how to check......


Do you have any idea what happened to "Quartina"?


DD........exactly, if I walk out on the deck the deer give me their best "nothing to see here so move along" looks. ;)


And the deer says; "Oh, is this your yard? Too bad, I'm going to rest here anyway."
Dusty : o

Go get 'em Payton!!


Oh wow, Carol....he's getting courageous at his age...LOL


Impie, cat TV at it's best. He probably would take on the deer. He attacked a dog that came to visit awhile back and was stalking a repairman who was restringing a couple of my blinds yesterday. Payton has never been like that.......guess he is playing the "age card" and doesn't want his quiet life disturbed.

Calluna, I am certain Payton was humming that to himself!

Sandrine2016, thanks.......I enjoy the wood floors and maybe, just maybe, when spring/summer arrives I can remember how nice it was to sit on the deck! Funny thing is deer will remain in the yard if I don't get to chummy with them. New babies start arriving in about 2+ months and then you don't want to annoy a "Mommy Deer" in any way!! ;)


The floor is beautiful, and so is the deck.


Cute capture!...looks like Payton is in serious stalking mode: Hey!...You!...Get outta my yard! (Sorry, couldn't help channeling the Rolling Stones) LOL


LOL Carol......Payton has great cat TV....much better than us human do!:-))
I wonder what he'd do if he would be outside, but then again the deer probably wouldn't dare come in your yard.:-)


How cute.

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