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Almond milk

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From the lady next door.
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  1. Dclo0:24
  2. lordmojo0:29
  3. jxner0:37
  4. madpol0:39
  5. tammyid0:42
  6. albertwinestein0:44
  7. vala880:44
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  9. Ianto0:45
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I wish them joy and peace. When it is time, that's it.


Bev, many thanks. Uncle Kevin was one of my father's younger brothers. He had a fine "innings" of 94 years. There was a sort of 'competition' between the eight brothers to see who would live the longest, and Kevin was easily in front (so far). There is one brother left now, and one sister too. ♥♥♥




My sympathy on the loss of your relative.

It can't hurt:-)))
I have a lot of good food


Lol, i hope it makes you happy and healthy 🥛🫛🍓🍏🌽🥒🍑

Number 3, it is not bad. A bit bland.


So which One is it ??? No. 1,2 or 3 ??? Lol

That it is Mini.

Nev: very sad about your uncle. I'm glad that you got the flowers.
You got to see what is in the store, and found something that is the same. I'm sue that Marge was glad you joined her.


So how is it @Ianto 🤣🤮😵‍💫 ???


Jolene, by sheer coincidence, I saw similar packs of Almond Milk on a supermarket shelf this morning. We had to send flowers from a nearby Florist Shop to cousins, as an uncle of mine died yesterday, so I joined Marge on her shopping trip. And in one of the aisles in the supermarket I saw Almond Milk in similar generic cartons to these. ♥♥♥

That she did.


The lady next door gives you good food items.

You are blessed, my friend.



You are truly blessed to have wonderful neighbors. Wanda

I have not either. I'm sure that you can find it.


I've not tried this one as I haven't seen it in the shops, but it looks nice.

I try,

You are into healthy eating. Good for you Jolene

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