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Memorial Day - Remember the Difference

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Please don't wish a military member a "happy" Memorial Day. You would not wish someone a "happy" funeral. You can still say "thank you for your service," but please add something such as "and know I (we) am (are) remembering the many who lost their lives protecting me (us, our nation)." Teach the children there is a difference.


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@Ilovejigidicats You are welcome. It has been muddied over time, not because people don't care, but more so because of the "celebration" of a day off. My father told me that members of the Military, especially Veterans, argued for Memorial Day to be the actual day, like Veterans Day - always November 11th, and not be attached to a three day weekend. But Congress in 1968 wanted a three day holiday for elected officials and federal employees. It was supposed to make it easier for those elected to express their sympathies in public events for those who died serving our Country. Now much of the Day is about barbeques and opening pools. The Military would probably be the first to argue that they serve for this freedom of choice.

@AMomentInTime Thank you for this clarification. I live across the pond but occasionally meet socially US servicemen and women so I’m grateful to learn these dates and differences.


@wasicu And that is sometimes why "ignorance isn't bliss" but hurtful. It is good that our military is strong enough to endure the many ups and downs of dealing with the public.


@bbandit I think people mean well on Memorial Day, they just were never told.

Unfortunately, there are many who choose to not accept the education.


Ditto on educating the general public. Thank you.


@crazyorse @lefty50 @CarlaMarie I have always said that the military should make this better known because it is confusing. This year, the poster was on a social media site, so I thought it was good to share. Thank you for your comments.

Thank you for the education, my flag is flying


Thanks! I've always thought "Happy Memorial Day" seemed a bit strange.

Thank you for this.

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