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Old Hefty Haunch demonstrates how to destroy a potential garden

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You're right, Molly.


He will wake up just before he hits the ground. Land gently and want to know who did that.---Molly

Sounds right, Wendy. TY :)


What is funny about this one. If it falls, cats are so oblivious to anything that is tipping or getting ready to fall, when it does happen, they will stand there and it's like "how did that happen?" As long as they are comfortable, that is all that matters............Wendy

LOL A potted feline.


Another relaxed puss with its nether regions already in a planter☺

He did well today. Thought he was going to take it to his shop but he figured it all out here.


Good luck with the tech. Hope they know just how to make it all good again!

It is so good to have a computer back but the tech has to come back here tomorrow as it still refuses to do a few things it used to do. Glad to see you all and welcome to a few new names. :)


When will he wake up? So happy to see you're back!


Back atcha. I see you've visited a few other smaller ones. Good for you! :o)


You are delightful! :-D


Oh, dabble with those of us who like SMALL challenges, leecee! We're fun, but not up to big puzzles. :o)


I don't usually do puzzles this small but I got a good laugh from this one. Thanks for posting!


I'm among the YO fans, and am glad you're back, also. I hope you have a great rest of the day! LOL -- Carol


Good to see you, YO. I was about to go into withdrawal. ;o)


You're back! Yippee! He'd be right at home in Pisa!

Here, let me show you... Sherry :)))

kittens are the most popular animal to have for pet!!!!!!!

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