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117. Across Canada (small)

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A drive around Prince Edward Island...south-central shore...Confederation Bridge...joining PEI with New Brunswick on the Mainland

In June we travelled by rail from Vancouver (British Columbia) to Montreal (Quebec) where we spent five nights. We then took an overnight train to Moncton (New Brunswick). Next we drove to Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia), and flew home from Halifax.
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  4. glenestele0:56
  5. Hatiwu0:57
  6. lelabugosi0:58
  7. slava21:00
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As clear as mud! ;D


Thanks to you both, for clearing the matter up ...... sort of ......


You're very welcome, Jill, and thank YOU. :D

"You" is the closest subject, lela, not we, so as Ardy explained "she" not us slept in her car. Hope that's a simple enough explanation. ;D
The construction workers would have had to be drunk for a very long time...perhaps it was the engineer/architect that designed the bridge in the very beginning...but then you think someone would have noticed, wouldn't you? Perhaps, as an internationally great leader, you could launch an investigation...that would probably wind up costing as much as the bridge!
No spuds then...they were just starting to prep the fields...but by now...


Lela, I slept in my car. They drove past and didn't see me. ☺


Sooo many questions here ......
"So we probably drove past right where you parked your car and wound up sleeping in it overnight." You slept in Ardy's car, and she did't even notice?

Was whoever built that bridge drunk at the time?

Are there any spuds here?

Thanking you in advance for answering these very important questions.


Great photo with the layers of green grass, red soil, and very long bridge. Thanks Faye


The bridge is 12.9 kilometres/8 miles long, Andie. You cross over to PEI free of charge but when you leave you pay a toll of around $50C. Glad you have some green grass to charge your weary soul from all the heat this summer. We had the rainiest September in recorded history. I'm hoping October will be its usual blue sky, sunny days, and crisp far, not too much sun but at least it's drier! :)

Doesn't that green make your mouth water, Suzy...lime popsicles! ;)

Thank you, Ardy. The bridge opened on May 31, 1997. The Northumberland Ferry that you took to Nova Scotia/Cape Breton is still running and is pictured in one of my previous puzzles:

So we probably drove past right where you parked your car and wound up sleeping in it overnight. ;DDD


Glad to see this, Faye. As I've mentioned before this is new since my last visit there. Do they still run the ferry to Nova Scotia? We would take the one over from New Brunswick and leave on the other to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. Lovely photo with the green grass and red earth. Thanks. ♥


June Spring Colors!!!! FABULOUS!


Wow,how long is the bridge then ?
Because of the everlasting drought I longed for green grass,well I am perfectly happy now.Thanks Faye !

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