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Mangled Package

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I'm not sure what the white stuff on the package was, and it was also pretty mangled. It was shipped from Germany to me in the US.
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  1. MaryOz20220:40
  2. Dclo0:42
  3. racoonstar0:42
  4. holica0:42
  5. Ianto0:46
  6. pnkpnk0:49
  7. pumpkinhead0:51
  8. 13131:02
  9. week1:03
  10. Hillsidefarm1:04


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It was a soft envelope type container, containing some software materials, so I'm not surprised it looks a bit crumpled after traveling from Germany to the USA.
It's the white stuff that worried me. :D


It is obvious that Jeff did not handle that package....I love Jeff now because my packages arrive looking pristine.....I pay Jeff 9 bucks a month for and free shipping on stuff that i buy from him...... 1/2 the price of Netflix......The package in the puzzle looks like it was run over by a truck.....I wonder what happened to your package? The white stuff could be cocaine.....Who knows?


I received a parcel shipped from Scotland to Australia and it was open at the end and empty. Filed a report with Australia Post and never heard from them again.


That package would look suspicious if you didn't know what was in it.


Hey Racoonstar!
When I wrote a comment I knew it was nonsense. But the package is "looking like it". Then I read Pumpkinhead's comment and it was a lot clever than mine. "Delivering without attention" package would have been more interesting when I think of you! :D


@RitaTen - it contained something a bit different, and even very odd.

This was in the package:


Thank goodness it was sent priority. Can you imagine if it was shipped "slow and not important"?


A really exciting package. I have seen a number of times similar the television program, for example, on the border of Australian. I would not have thought you would get that kind of package, but now I think. You've always been very mysterious, Racoonstar! : D

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