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2018 geminids actual 2

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Composite of 128 photos with 274 meteors taken in 6 hours on the night of December 13-14 from near Capital Reef, Utah.
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  1. Jarka235:32
  2. Mylittlepony5:48
  3. murrcar6:06
  4. gemcutter6:36
  5. Bill_I_Am7:07
  6. babca8:03
  7. m3feliciano10:55
  8. NHK_5911:00
  9. dc102111:42
  10. mistyboots14:53


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The photo was taken with Canon dslr on a tracking mount. Each exposure was 2 minutes and 30 seconds long but was not tracking. In the middle of the night 3 exposures were taken with the tracking on. The reason for this was that I was not interested in keeping the stars sharp except during the middle 3 shots. I was only interested in the meteors. During the 6 hours of shooting I actually recorded 375 meteors but only used the ones that were on the base image for this composite.
If you need to know how I composed it please let me know. Also if you want my email let me know.

Gemcutter to Bill I Am


Did you take this cool photo, @gemcutter ? If so, can you briefly explain how you did it?

And maybe you could explain how this photo was taken:

These always mess up my mind when I try to figure them out but I am curious to understand.


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