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Abandoned Funeral Home

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  2. AlienBorn13:16
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jjjones, thanks for trying, I have got it taken care of. Have a good short week.



Bibliophile, Sorry about not answering you. I tried to enlarge this picture for you but the most I could do was 250 pieces. I guess I didn't want to admit I just didn't know how to make it any larger than that. Again sorry.


I googled this photo which looks like a painting, someone ask the artist if this was an
old funeral home on Pinterest, and so far he hasn't answered anyone, there are
many comments on his website. I know it was a home first, someone's mansion
but those many years later, are sometimes used as funeral homes. We have one
in the small town I grew up in. The house was on main street, it was in a residential
area, with other homes of the same style, but it was on the end of the block, had
an alley, and the residents, ghostly or otherwise, were quiet and didn't bother

I am going to see what I can do, as far as enlarging this one (since you didn't answer
me. I will make it for myself, as I try to put book and reading related puzzles on
Bibliophile, and I have my own unposted puzzle page.

'Dark House'
by Alexander Hadji

Thessaloniki, Greece Alexander Hadji, Photographer.

If this really is his work his photographs lean more to those of the wealthy people
who come to have their memorable weddings and honeymoons in Greece.

He has this as photo copyrighted, but, since I didn't take the photo, and I love old houses,
I am glad there are ways of getting around that online.

Hope you got everything done, that wanted taken care of on this Labor Day
weekend. I spent most of it on genealogy, trying to find my elusive 3rd great
grandparents Stewart who lived and died in the western part of Virginia before 1840.



Without the clouds the house is pretty much just another beautiful house, someone was lucky to catch it at the right time..


jjjones, are you sure it is abandoned? Are you sure it was a funeral home?

I too, like Isaly would love to visit this relic. It must have been beautiful
in it's day. Thanks for posting. Do you think it could be made into a
huge jigsaw, would love a much larger size.



Now THIS would make a great horror movie setting!!! :-)


Love this! I would love to be able to take a tour through it.

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