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Thanks Jigidi (Jigidi appreciation day )

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An enormous "Thank You" to the Jigidi team for bringing so much pleasure into our lives. Solving puzzles and sharing the thoughts they provoke with people around the world is the perfect formula for hours and hours of enjoyment.
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O O Lia, don't make me shy. ☺☺☺


Thank you jigidi people: Stefan, Magnus and Charlotte for keeping up this site.
It is so important to so many people all over the world.
Perhaps it can be seen as a little drop of friendship and love and interest in a world where there is still so much hatred, war and hardship.
Thanks to all people I meet / met and will meet on jigidi!
And thanks to OUR Ank. Our 'GOLDEN' jigidi-member!


Aw dear Janinka, you are so right, for many people it is their only contact with the world. Jigidi is so much more than puzzling. ♥♥♥


Thank you so much Stefan.
Thank you so much dearest Ank.
How much gray would be the lives of many people around the world without the great work they you two doing ♥♥♥


Thanks Elly and June. Now first I will solve Stefan's puzzle, I did not have time yet. ☺☺☺


Thanks, Ank, for telling us about Stefan's answer.


Thanks Patti and Andie, greetings from Elly


Thanks Andie and Patti.

Did you see Stefan's card?


I'm late, but would like to add my "thank you" to those responsible for creating Jigidi! What a joy it is! And what a blessing to have met so many wonderful Jigidiers! Thank you, Ank, for this sweet puzzle!


Thanks Jigidi for that wonderful site and all the friends I met through it.
Thanks dear Ank for your lovely cards and thoughts. You are very special.
Hugs dear friend.❤☺❤


Thanks my dear friends. Jigidi is a wonderful site, it changed my world. Without Jigidi I wouldn't have met you. Enjoy your day. ☺♥☺


Magnus, Stefan and Charlotte, thank you for this jigidi !
So many jigidi friends, that I met around the world. :-)))

Dank je Ank om ons samen te brengen. :-)))


Thank you Ank for being the person you are. You are one of those people who truely do make the world a better place. The Jigidi peope I have "met" have been a fine group of people. Thank you Stefan, Magnus and Charlotte for this site to allow me to meet people all over the world and educate me.


Gracias Jigidi! and to you too Ank for this beautiful card.


Great card, Ank! Thanks so much for all of your puzzles, too.


Thank you Stefan, Magnus, Charlotte and your team, for this magnificent site and all the pleasure Jijidi has brought to its users! ☺☺

thank you, magnus,stefan,and charlotte, for this wonderful puzzle site called jigidi,i'am on it every day doing the puzzle.i just love this site. keep the puzzle coming.


Beautiful card Ank , thank you !!


.... and only an All-Star would do !


Thanks to Jigidi I have met so many new people, so a great big thanks to them. Nice
card Ank.


All around thank you!!!


I love the way this captures the global feel of Jigidi! A million thanks to the special team that created it! Grins and smiles!


Hear hear!

Great card and sentiment Ank.


Maraming salamat! (thank you) too Ank!


Thanks to the Jigidi team: Stefan, Magnus and Charlotte for this wonderful website!!
We love it ! 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。 。❤。 。❤。。◕‿◕。。❤。。❤。。◕‿◕。 。◕‿◕。


Lovely card, Ank. Thank you. And many thanks to the team who keeps this all going. You touch thousands of lives every day.


I go along with that statement 100 per cent. Lovely card and lovely thought.


thx dear ank for a lovely puzzle
and a very big thank you to stefan, magnus and charlotte for the most incredible fun place to while away our hours xxx
and to all the jigidid sovers and puzzlemakers T H A N K Y OU xxxxx from brightspark & sparklightie


I couldn't agree more with what Ank wrote under the puzzle. Thanks Jigidi. ☼☼☼

Thank You Jigidi!!!
Děkuji Jigidi!!!


Beautiful card, Thank you Jigidi team.


I, too, can't thank the Jigidi team enough for their wonderful website - it provides so much happiness, fun and pleasure to folk all around the world and creates friendship amongst such a diverse group of people. Truly fantastic!
Thanks also to Ank for being such a great ambassador for Jigidi fans.


Great, creative card, Ank. Add another ENORMOUS Thank You to the team.


A fabulous card thanks dear Ank, and many thanks to Stefan, Magnus and Charlotte for this wonderful web site that gives us all such pleasure, meeting friends and learning new things too.


I add my voice to those of all at jigidi. What a wonderful place to spend hours and hours of time, enjoying the great puzzles and the great conversation with new friends.

I hope these messages will be sent to the jigidi team.


Thank You JIGIDI!!!!!


I'd love to add my thanks also - thank you Stefan, Magnus and Charlotte for this wonderful site - what better way of meeting people from all over the world - through Jigidi.
As usual, a perfectly beautiful card, Ank :))


En STOR tak :-)))))


Good morning Ank!! What a beautiful card!! The whole world of jigidi fans greeting Magnus, Stephan and Charlotte!! Thank you all for making life richer with a place to join friends from all over the world in wholesome fun and conversations!! Jo :) (QueenBee2B)
Have a great day Ank, I'll "see you again" in 8+ hours! tee-hee :)


That's a great card Ank!! And I am delighted to 'sign' it !!!
Magnus, Stephan, Charlotte the whole Jigidi team ... we really appreciate all your work!! THANK YOU !!! ♥


I like to second this ! Jigidi gives me a lot of pleasure ! Thank you !


Thank you so much for the puzzle, Ank!
And thank you, Jigidi, for many hours of pleasure solving these lovely puzzles!!!


Thank you, Ank...for this lovely card...and the opportunity to thank Magnus, Stephan, and Charlotte for a terrific site...where we meet terrific people! ☺❤☺

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