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Freya and Ash wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope for some sunbeams this year!

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Sorry I've not been around much. I'm not very well. I have a lot of pain in my legs with limited mobility and am on strong painkillers that leave me very drowsy all day. It isn't life threatening just very limiting. I'm thinking about you all, though, and spending most of my awake time running after kitties, of course!

I hope to be back some time in the new year. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!!
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Thank you tigersox, it's good to be here!

Welcome back :-))))


Hi mica143, I'm still ill but am getting better. This means I will be back on Jigidi - I have missed everyone!!

Hallo mica143, ik ben nog steeds ziek maar ben steeds beter. Dit betekent dat ik zal terug op Jigidi - ik heb gemist iedereen!!


hey hallo ben je wat beter ik heb je gemist xxxx


Thanks Micky! I hope I'll see you tomorrow!

Thank you, Impie and Goofie! You have no idea how much I've missed you - and the rest of my extended cat family!!

Thanks Mrs Q_E. Give your four kitties hugs right back from me!! ♥♥♥

I think so snooker, good advice! ☺

Too hard to catch up with all that has been posted. Just look at a few when you can and write a short comment occasionally on the new ones. :)


catslave - big hugs and kitty kisses from, Little Bit, Reese's, Bandit, & Mouse. Mrs. & Mr. Quinn have missed seeing Ash, Freya & Try - glad to see you are able to get back to your computer again and getting better!!!! ☺


Wishing you all the best catslave, hugs from Impie & Goofie♥♥


Yapyap auntie, so glad to see you. ♥♥♥ lick lick. Take good care, just look photos. I wish you the best. ♥♥♥ Lovely licks. ♥♥♥


Oh. Oh! Such lovely comments - thank you all!

I am still on crutches and painkillers, still not back at work but I am getting better, slowly but surely. I've missed you all! I plan to try and catch up with everything I missed soon and hope to be back commenting regularly again. Crutches mess with my carpal tunnel so photographs are a problem, but I will try!

Thank you. It was lovely to log in and read all these kind words! ☺♥☺


dito auntie. ♥♥♥

I agree. :)


Canoekaw.........well said!


Please do not feel pressured by our comments. They are only meant to express our concern for you and let you know how much your puzzles are enjoyed. We enjoy interacting with you and receiving your comments. I hope you are improving and the pain is in the past. Happy Kitties to all.

I haven't commented much in the past year or so, but I always love seeing your puzzles with Tyr, Ash and Freya. I hope you are recovering and able to share your lovely kitties again soon. Tiger & Sox send good wishes too.

Checking in too. Miss you.


And I miss you too auntie. ♥♥♥ Be better soon. ♥


Just checking on you......miss you and the kitties!


we miss you - hope you are doing better by now!


We are all missing catslave and your cat family hope you are back soon. Quinns, Little Bit, Reese's Mouse & Bandit.


Yapyap auntie Cat, I miss you so much. I hope you feel better soon. Lovely licks auntie. ♥♥♥


Hi catslave, hope you are feeling better. We miss you, Ash, Freya and Tyr ♥


missing you and Ash, Freya & Try hope you are doing better


het is heel spijtig dat ik niets hoor van jou heel veel beterschap mica cato en casper


Catslave how are you?
Hope you're feeling better and that 2015 is a good year for you all, humans and kitties :))


Get well soon catslave, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful kitties. hugs, Impie & Goofie♥


Hi catslave, thank you for give us a sign - we missed you all! Jimmy, Gismo, Miss Elly and their staff send you the very best wishes for a quick and totally convalescence without pain. God bless you!


This has to be the most beautiful picture of Ash and Freya
.precious kitties. very Merry Christmas, From Keida Hazel
louise and Tomdear.
hope you feel better in the New Year,

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