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  1. girch2:26
  2. Bethamus2:42
  3. dianed2:45
  4. kross422:56
  5. dexter253:04
  6. kpavlusa3:10
  7. gracie553:16
  8. jjj543:17
  9. bjganoe3:17
  10. ShutterShutter3:21


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Good for you, PhilB. We hope for more puzzles, and if we do not understand your words we will gently tell you so............

Hello annjax , thank you for my English it is good to know, an on-line translator it is not what there is of better generally :-( but well if you understand me it is cool I am going to continue to use him in that case...


Beautiful creature, PhilB. And we cannot all be wildlife photographers. We all post things not of our own creation.
Your English is just fine. You should hear my Spanish!! :-D What a laugh you would have...............

Thank you everybody. I like particularly this photo also but it is not of me regrettably, just found on the Internet. And saddened for my bad English , I speak English as a Spanish cow.


Here Kitty Kitty! :)
Beautiful picture, great looking animal. Thanks.


beauitful thank you


Very nice. Thank you.

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