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  1. askidmore128:31
  2. evorkosigan36:00
  3. aleodmac37:09
  4. HannekePavel46:29
  5. edip53:11
  6. falcon8453:34
  7. oldduck55:09
  8. HelenaCan55:48
  9. comunero58:33
  10. bulgybear58:52


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Surely this is Elizabeth I.... Her clothes are full of symbolism but I don't know enough to interpret it. She is holding a glove, she is showing her silk underskirt, she has that huge ruff with what look a bit like wheat ears in it, the straight things in her hair, a heartsease embroidered over her heart............ And those arrowhead shapes things on her skirt. Can anyone help with this?

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