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1931 Bugatti Type 41 Royal.

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Only 6 were made. Jay Leno owns one and his is drivable.
At the Henry Ford Museum Dearborn Michigan.
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Hey jetmech7 Jim, you're wonderful. Thanks so much for the great puzzles. My son is a Jet Mech in Memphis working for FedEx. I was in Avionics in the Marine Corps. Viet Nam. '66. Thanks again.


Ginger , smllpkg, Janet, Eva, mr _51_vic_ss is right, Leno doesn't have this type, but does have 4 other Bugatti's . I was told yesterday at the museum that Leno had one of these, I should have checked further. Thanks Mr. Vic. Jim

It is simply amazing, wonderful. Thanks Jim.


Jay Leno does have a Bugatti, but not one of these Bugatti Royale's. They are all accounted for., and not any belong to Jay Leno. This one is in the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, MI. There are only 6 Bugatti Royale cars in the world. Harrah owned 2 of them when he died and they sold off one of them at that time for the highest price ever for a car,. something like 30 Million $. a price like a whole years salary for Jay Leno. There are none for sale though, so the price would be more than astronomical. There are 5 black ones and one white one. This is it. Ettore Bugatti made these for the kings of the world, but the war came and he had to hide them. His cars started out in Germany, but after the war it was Austria. Or something close to that. These cars are so big and heavy that they have a truck frame.


Fabulous looking car, Jim. We used to love watching Jay Leno. He was funny and clever. Then we saw him on a car show and we saw part of his car collection - unreal! Thanks and hugs, dear friend, Janet


That is one classy automobile. I wonder if Jay ever takes his out on the road?


Ginger , Jay leno has some 200 cars and 30 motorcycles. They all run. Hugs, jim


jay Leno has much $$ I presume. LOL :O))

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