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The door of the van was open, so she thought, "I'll just get in". It's sad, but this sweet little girl had to be 'put down' just a few months ago.
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  1. jan591:29
  2. Robbos1:39
  3. Kittygram441:43
  4. JM_Cookie1:47
  5. kmurr1:50
  6. Kaya1:52
  7. Ianto1:52
  8. GrandmaJo2:03
  9. whimsy2:04
  10. realbill12:07


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Laura McGaffey, Dasha was my grand-dog. We had stopped by our son's who lives about a hour away but I didn't think about her getting in the van. When this picture was taken, she was looking toward the back where she always rode, but the space was occupied. If we had been in my car, I wouldn't have let her get in. I still miss her so much. She was about 7.


I assume she wasn't your dog when she jumped in your van?
Had you kept her? How old did she live to be?

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