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Winter in the Frozen North

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Hi roerick3, you asked what my name is ,its Jim. Its -11 here in Michigan about 10 mile south of Detroit. Set records this winter on cold temps and snow fall.
I too wonder how some of these people solve these puzzles so fast, my best was 15 seconds, on this puzzle and that's 5 seconds to slow to even get me on the bottom of the leader board.


Oh, oh. I can feel my toes freezing! : ))))
I hope you are having some warm weather there now. It has been so long since I lived in the north, I have forgotten what spring there feels like.


I made a puzzle for you today, I hope you will see this message. It's called One for Rosie and it's in Themes. mary.

My sister lives in Quebec so she has lots of cold. I live in New Jersey -very different from what all of you have shared. Looking forward to Spring though. DIANE FROM N.J.


JiggiBelle. I lived in your lovely city for a year working at OHSU and did have some cold---at least enough to snow once while I was there and I did hit a blizzard on the day I was leaving and they closed 5 as I got to the Oregon/Calif. border so I had to spend the night in the McDonalds because all of the motels in that small town were full. Wonderful memories.


Thanks to all who have visited here. I know we aren't the coldest spot in the world but we do share that wonderful weather pattern with many of you so I know you know what I was talking about. lif1251 we do get those temps and windchills you posted far too often for my comfort when nothing wants to start including these old bones.

Well! It is currently -35 degrees C with windchill -51 (-31.2 degrees F with windchill -59) in my home community - Arviat, Nunavut . I think "frozen north" is a very relative term, but hey, since northerners have a reputation for being friendly, we'll include all people who want to think they live in this mythical realm.

Well I'm from Winnipeg! That's all I need to say...


We had this about 5 days ago; SE Idaho, finally made it over your way, enjoy, we now have 35*.


That's for sure, JiggyBelle, or you wouldn't have so many different flowering bushes, trees, and flowers!


YIKES! Thank goodness we don't see that in Portland OR!

Brr Brrrr!! In my home town in Minnesota early this morn, it was -20 degrees; -30 degrees with the wind chill factor. Brrrrr.


Right here with ya! Only 2 more months to go.


Thanks for stopping by Angelbender, figuratively and bookish, I know you know what I'm talking about. It has been a long winter and we're not done yet.


We had that a few weeks ago (Ontario, Canada). It already feels like a very long winter!

Promise of a hot time at the top and freezing facts at the bottom! Thanks for a cute puzzle and a giggle, roerick3. :-)))

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