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Theme: Fashion, footwear, UGG boots

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The UGG brand is best known for its distinctive sheepskin boots and originated in Australia. The unisex sheepskin and fleece footware called UGG boots, or simply Uggs, gained popularity in the 1960s when competitive surfers in Australia began wearing them. One of those surfers, Shane Stedman, quietly trademarked "ugh-boot" and, later, "ugh," and then sold the rights to fellow surfer Brian Smith, who began selling the boots in Southern California. UGG boots have been a style staple since they first appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show in her second edition of "Oprah's Favorite Things" in 2003, in which she purchased over 350 shoes for her staff and audience.
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Hi Shirley, glad you like the theme post, thanks! ♥


I know about the famous "UGG" boots and they are very popular here in winter, I don't particular like them and they are quite expensive, A good theme puzzle, Nette, Thanks.


Thanks, Nette. I couldn't see using them on a surfboard. LOL


Hi Eva, thanks for sharing you UGG story, I imagine they are practical and quite comfortable! ♥


Hi Bobbie, happy you found the post interesting! ♥


Hi Barb, it's nette, a lot of people think 'ugh' about the boots! ♥


Hi Ardy, the surfers don't surf in them, they wear them as a fashion statement, happy you like the theme post! ♥


Hi tricia, thanks for commenting, I think you got your money's worth too and who doesn't love warm feet! ♥


My pair of UGGS are 22 years old and I wore them this passed winter a couple of times and are they ever the best boot. You slip into them without socks and let the fur do the work..❤️❤️


Interesting info, nette. I've never cared for them, and I can't afford them. :)


Interesting information that I needed as I had no idea about these boots. In fact I've never seen them anywhere in stores or being worn....thanks, Willy :) BTW, ugh is right....LOL


Surfers wear these? Like on surfboards in the water? I see something like this and think snow rather than water. Interesting information as well as a good theme puzzle. Thanks, Nette. ♥


I got a pair of these when I first moved to the Seattle area. I had no idea they were "a thing;" I just needed a boot that would deal with the constant rain! I did pay a lot, but I still have them 15 years later, so I think I got my money's worth, AND nice warm feet as well :-)


Hi Judy, yes they are very pricey, my niece is the only person I know that has a pair! ♥


I know many people love these, but I've never thought they were attractive. Also priced out of my range. :-))

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