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For Eileen, Dusty Dog and Jorgee

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Eileen I am having a good chuckle. Went shopping this AM. What to my wondering eyes did appear but cheese curds. Not always in stock. Picked up a container. It had no information other than price, weight etc. Was checking my receipt and lookie-lookie what I found! Small world, eh? And yes, now all of Jigidi knows I like Cigar Box Pinot Noir....... ;)


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Hi Petslave. Cheese curds are great! Makes for the best "poutine" in the world. I thought it funny to see it came from Dusty Dog's home town, Ellsworth WI. Think it
is known as the cheese curd capital of the world? (Maybe Dusty can say for sure.) ;)


only thing that I can think of that 'might be' cheese curds is Cottage Cheese.
I sometimes buy and eat it with some canned fruit.


I don't understand this at all, and maybe good too. I am also too slow to solve this puzzle as the best: 6.05, so time to get in my bed (1.13 AM) ☺


Rub it in dusty! I haven't had any curds in several years. My mouth is watering for them right now!


And just think....I can get these so freshly made, that they are still warm...squeaky when eaten, delicious!
sillychick.....Many moons ago, I was up in Northern WI.We stopped at this little bar, for a "short beer", before going on our way. There were probably 10-15 guys in there, and someone walked in, and tossed a 4# bag of very fresh 'curds' on the bar. Everyone started digging in, I just sat and watched. Hubby asked me if I wanted some....I asked him just what the heck are cheese curds?! The whole bar got quiet...then the guy who'd brought them in came over and asked; "What? You've never had cheese curds?! Well, lady, you are in for a wonderful treat!" I tried some....Oh, my goodness! My taste-buds discovered Nirvana!


@Carol66, whew, thought I had offended you there 4 a moment ;since I don't know you, now that I do, watch out, mauhahahahah...LOL ;)


We have the same senses of humor. I consider a sense of humor as one of God's gifts!


O k a y , still did not get it except the fork in the pie, butt all is good in the neighborhood ;)

@Carol66, you looked @ my profile page & you judged that I am...wait for it...OLD, UGLY,& FAT, even though you added "US" Mauhahahahahaha, you fell in2 that 1 lady, LOL, LOL, LOL I couldn't resist ;) (just being cheeky here) I know what you meant :)


When you start munching on them they pop and crackle.....


Isaly, OH NO!? I will have to listen...........


Have you heard the cheese curds crackle and make noise yet?


PS Sillychick. I just looked at your page. I have a friend who is a "mermaid" ..... or maybe I should say "on weekends".....dresses as a mermaid and goes to various, of course she is MUCH younger, prettier and slimmer than most of us. ;)


LOL, Sillychick! Cheese curds, basically "lumps" of good cheese. I will have to take a picture or two and post. (ALSO very very good over French fries with
gravy over the top.........AKA "Poutine".) Cigar Box is the winery and Pinot Noir is just
a basic red wine. If I send the cherry pie you will have to excuse the fork in the middle and a piece gone! ;) Dusty Dog is from the cheese capital of the world.


What is cheese curds? and What is cigar Box pinot Noir? I will take that cherry pie off of your hands though, lol ;)