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Forest Animals - Happy Mother's Day

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Deer bed. Can you see the fawn?
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Forget about locating the fawn. I see herds of deer on my hikes.

Not bad....but I'll "DO" you one better. I used to bring a small net to the fishing stream my brother and father habituated. Take home aquarium specimens to raise. AND.......I leave the spider IN the house. I now have two such buddies (my know-it-all friends say they must be female), one in the bath and one in the bedroom.


As I recall, the fawn is directly behind mom, just a little your right of her left ear. Oooh, that sounds confusing, but if you can wend your way thru my complex language, you should be able to find her. The fawn is in what some of our First Nations peoples call a "deer bed," quiet and secluded. If she's still invisible to you, let me know and I'll sift through my originals and find her and let you know for sure.
Thanks for asking.

I had a visual acuity exam 5 years ago for a possible job and scored 20/20 in both eyes. I have to confess -- strain as I MIGHT -- I can't identify the fawn from among all the shadows and lighting, from among all the variegations in vegetation. i guess Mommy also thought that that's agood place to hide your kids. No criticism intended.....but the verb "shoot" in such close juxtaposition to "deer" makes me cringe. I KNOW, I KNOW....."photograph" is WAY too much work to say and spell. The terrain reminds me of many of my hiking trails.


What you were looking at is a part of my back yard for the past 25 years. I think the deer are used to me and therefore allow me to shoot them whenever I see a fawn and a doe there. Thanks for commenting, latifa.


I don't ever get tired of seeing deer. Thanks for a great photo!


Thank you, Dave! These two are in the forest, even though it's in my back yard. We have a steady population of about two dozen and people and deer coexist for the most part. Many of us have learned the trick of having only native plants in our gardens.


Great photo Jyl.They look so cute,but there's too many in Victoria. TFS.

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