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learning zen from a dog

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Actually, it is story from Sadghuru. It is about living in present moment and enjoying it fully, because when you are involved with what you are doing, you are in touch with life, universe, with the Creator. The future and the past are only concepts created by your mind, there is just only the present moment in reality, but people are always caught up with thought processes. The previous moment and next moment are not there in our experience – they are imaginary and dogs are the perfect examples of living in present moment :) When you will learn to live this way, amazing miracles will happen in your life :)

I recommend books from Eckhart Tolle - Power of now or my favourite from Michael singer - the Untethered soul


A Zen master and his disciples went to bathe in a river. After bathing, the master came out and all his disciples gathered around him as he walked.
A disciple asked him, "Dear Master, what should I do to realize?"
The master said, "Learn from that dog," referring to a dog that was nearby and kept walking.
The disciple was greatly disappointed and angry within himself that the master had ignored his question. Then he asked, "Oh, Master, what can I learn from a dog?"
The master walked on for some time without saying anything.
The disciple persisted, "I don't want to learn from that dog, please tell me, Master."
The master then pointed to another dog that was playing in the next street and said, "Then learn from this dog."
"You are making fun of me, Master. What can I learn from a dog? All it does is eat, sleep and reproduce. I have come in search of you only to become free from that."
"You also eat and sleep," said the master and walked into his hut.
The disciple stood frozen in shock.

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