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Mid-Winter Beach Walk.

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Last weeks walk at one of our local beaches. Sumner Beach, Christchurch, NZ.
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Thanks so much @Eloise62 it’s not hard to find beauty in our gorgeous country. My favourite local place for doing those things as well.

JilianB, a picture perfect photo of my favourite place to walk and swim. You are doing a spectacular job of showcasing Aotearoa to our jigidi whanau.


Jillian, I am doing fine, we are having a beautiful summer here, except a few days earlier when it was terribly hot. Hope to see you soon.


A refreshing place to be, thanks Marina

Yes Jaklien plenty of coast line :)

Taisia thank you for your lovely comment

Thanks Suzy for the gorgeous description.

Chelsey how lovely to see you again, are you doing well? Not every day is like this, we have cold, wet windy days as well. But yes a temperate climate is very liveable. Thank you

Greetings Daasha, thank you

Beautiful photo, Jill. Thanks and greetings. ♥♥♥


Beautiful! I wish our winter was like yours. Thank you, Jillian


The colors are so bright--the white of the waves on the blue water, the greens, the sand--what a glorious local beach you have, Jill.


Beautiful nature from which I can feel peace and quiet. Beautiful photo, Jill!


Marina, that's what you get when you live on an island, huh, water everywhere... ;-)


It is so nice to have a beach at walking distance and having it almost to yourself.. So beautiful and peaceful.


That is warm Lorna, a cool sea breeze is what you need. Thank you 😊❤️


Yes Janet it was a lovely winters day, very calm, blue sky and sunshine. Thank you my friend


Just glorious! What i wouldn't give to be there right now, winter and all. We are having temperatures of 30 C which are way too high for me!


How beautiful thanks Jill. A gorgeous day too, by the look of it.
Hugs my friend. ♥


And gorgeous fresh air it is Voronica, thanks and hugs


White caps and white clouds, all are cause for deep breathing. Lovely . . . Hugs*


Totally understand that Jaklien, we’re just spoilt for choice here, so many beaches. ❤️


Lol Brian, gotta say that created a very crazy visual scene. Thanks mate


Once written here: winter time is beach time. In the summer I hardly ever go there because it is much too crowded.


What a wonderful scene Lady Jillian, great chuckle Sir Jerry, watch out for the harpoons Buddy ! Take care team........B


@jerrys 😂 you are a funny man. I do agree though, a great time to stroll a beach. Thanks mate


@JillianB AH! Beautiful shot, my dear. It's my favorite time to stroll a beach. Not many people around so I can stay covered up and don't have to stay "pumped up and flexing" all the time and hear my adoring fans say BEACHED WHALE!

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