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June 5 is National Catsup Day

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The picture is from Imgur, "Condiments for your Caterday catering sir/ma'am?" by Raynor Vladimir, May 6 2017

Now, to tomorrow's Foodimentary page:

Today’s Ketchup/ Catsup Food Trivia

Ketchup (often spelled catsup in American English) is the dominant term in American English and Canadian English, with "catsup" being the prominent term in some southern US states.
The spelling catsup first appeared in 1730 in a Jonathan Swift short story.

The Webster’s Dictionary of 1913 defined ‘catchup’ as: “table sauce made from mushrooms, tomatoes, walnuts, etc.

Ketchup likely entered the English language from the Malay or Chinese word kicap (pron. "kichap") meaning "fish sauce."

Some ketchup in the U.S. is labeled "Fancy". This is a USDA grade, related to thickness. Fancy ketchup has a higher tomato solid concentration than other USDA grades.

An original early recipe for "Tomata Catsup" from 1817:

Gather a gallon of fine, red, and full ripe tomatas; mash them with one pound of salt.
Let them rest for three days, press off the juice, and to each quart add a quarter of a pound of anchovies, two ounces of shallots, and an ounce of ground black pepper.
Boil up together for half an hour, strain through a sieve, and put to it the following spices; a quarter of an ounce of mace, the same of allspice and ginger, half an ounce of nutmeg, a drachm of coriander seed, and half a drachm of cochineal.
Pound all together; let them simmer gently for twenty minutes, and strain through a bag: when cold, bottle it, adding to each bottle a wineglass of brandy. It will keep for seven years.
(By the mid-1850s, the anchovies had been dropped)

Today’s Food History

1856 The first Vegetarian Community was established in Kansas.

1876 Foil wrapped bananas are sold for a dime at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Bananas become a popular treat for the first time in the U.S. when word spread about how delicious they were.

1877 New York taxed oleomargarine to protect the dairy industry.

1883 Horlick's developed the process to dehydrate milk, and patented it in 1883, calling it Malted Milk. Horlick's originally produced a food for babies and invalids, that could be shipped without spoiling.

1934 R.I.P. Charles Francis Jenkins. An inventor, Jenkins is best known as an early television pioneer. Among his many inventions was a cone-shaped drinking cup.

1977 Alice Cooper's pet boa constrictor died after its dinner of a rat bit it first.

2007 Food scientist Edwin Traisman died at age 91. He helped develop Cheez Whiz for Kraft and later helped develop methods to standardize the French fries served at McDonald's restaurants. He also worked on research into the risks of various strains of E. coli bacteria.
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I thank you, and they thank you too. :-)

You have a good anecdote yourself. I daresay that wasn't news that your dad's friend wanted getting around. :O


Mischka, your friends’ comments on your puzzles are a great read! Love your fun facts immensely! I have a little ditty to add on McD’s fries: back in the 70’s my dad’s friend had a mcDonalds franchise in our little town, he couldn’t figure out why his fries didn’t taste as good as other McD’s- he was advised that his frying oil was too clean- he was cleaning it too often and a “Used” gold/caramel color oil was the best oil make the fries! :) Jane


Thanks, Alex! :-)


Some writers leave you catatonic with facts..
Your's was definitely a fun read..
Thanks for posting your research, Alex :-))


That was a little bit cheesy.


I couldn't top that any better, Hoff.


You relished that opportunity, didn't you PW?


You certainly give us food for thought, Fiona. When it comes to cleaning the house, I don't think I will ever catchup or ketchup, but don't spread it around.


The Purrrrrrfect condiment.




I figured you didn't know either....just had to rib ya!!!


You know as much as I do! I just saw the picture, with no explanation attached.


I am soooo glad they took out the anchovies!!!! Love the flavorings for kitty. Do you squirt it on their food? lol!


Thanks, then I'll post that one tomorrow. :-)


June 5 is donut day in USA. Free classic donut with any drink purchase at Dunkin Donuts

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