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Black Forest ham, Italian salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, purple onion, romaine, balsamic oil, oregano, provolone cheese, Duke's mayo. On sourdough fresh from the oven

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Posted by MurphaDurpha, who wrote,
"Wanted to make an epic sandwich and thought about doing something different but this just wouldn't leave my mind. Probably my favorite kind of sammich...

What's insane is I can post an egg sandwich one day and get 1k upvotes but I have never had this style of sammie get much love. I guess people just don't have the same place in their heart as I do. But I plan to do a muffalata either this weekend or next week with some focaccia I'm going to make, maybe that will be the winner!"

He immediately got into a friendly tangle with a Commenter who wrote,

"I see a lot of sandwiches posted with meat that IMO is sliced way too thick.

As someone who lives smack in the middle of Hoagie Land, let me offer this suggestion: have your deli meats sliced as thin as they possibly can. Shaved / chipped if your deli will do that.

Makes the sandwich a million times better, from a texture perspective. (Flavor too, but because it's influenced by texture.)

Still use the same amount of meat (not the same number of slices), but each one is paper-thin, easier to bite, softer to chew, and IMO so much more satisfying. And as a bonus, don't just lay them all on there flat. Let them be "wrinkled or folded". (PS. the meats in this photo are still just a hair too thick IMO)

Try it and see if you agree! ;)"

MurphaDurpha replies,

"I have tried it and I must say I disagree! I like my ham/turkey/chicken cut a little thicker. I've been playing with different thickness for years and years. I will say that there are times I do like shaved but there are times I prefer it thicker. It really just depends on the mood and the day. But today I had a really crusty rustic sourdough and I wanted thicker cuts on ham, salami, and pepperoni. However I did still have the prosciutto shaved. Now if I'm doing a straight a ham and cheese super simple sammie I'll go with shaved ham. I also like my homemade Philly sando to be more of a minced meat than thinly sliced. If you're going through the trouble of making your own bread you should make your sandwiches the way you like them. Cheers for the shaved gang!"

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  2. lordmojo7:10
  3. Jjitsoo9:15
  4. msbonne9:39
  5. susannea9:45
  6. llama_mama10:19
  7. MollyBear10:32
  8. fregretu10:40
  9. pfd031514:42
  10. LissTJ16:11


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I do polish it often.....


I disagree, @msbonne, your wit still shines.


My gotcha wit passed away last year. Am working on leftover semi soiled wit at this point.


Sandwiches all round for everyone -- especially to Hoff, for his gotcha wit!


Just reading the title of this, my mouth started watering big time...and looking at this it is now a waterfall in there!!!!! Pass it over, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)) dj


Take the oil off, slap a little mustard on it, and I'll have this for lunch....


you can only get there by sub.


I don't know where "the middle of Hoagie Land" is. Rhode Island? :-)

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