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Tavi & Ollie in sync (Part 3) 😊😊

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Synchronized Summer Catolympics practice? Not sure what the event would be called. Spur of the moment pics, seeing them almost perfectly in sync. Kinda cute and least their mum thought so.
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  1. hadzi1:44
  2. liertje19781:50
  3. babray2:01
  4. racoonstar2:09
  5. SoniaR2:15
  6. MoreJunk2:36
  7. MJOM2:43
  8. Cornflakes2:46
  9. Impie2:47
  10. Atsutsa3:28


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Thank you CatloverJudy! Got lucky with them staying put while I took some quick pics. 😊



Thank you, Liertje! So glad you enjoyed the pics of my rascals! 😊😊


So true, Anne! Been watching the Olympics and both have been curious about the movement across the TV screen, especially balls. LOL 😊😊


Lovely series of your boys Calluna ☺


Ah, the endless entertainment of cats.....

That is entirely true, Nancy! I see it all too often!


You're probably right, Ella! I wonder what even that'll be. :-DD
Oliver is only very mildly interested. Tavi seems to have gotten over his animosity toward the new cat fountain. This morning he decided to go after a different bowl with still water, digging it out, as you said one of yours did. Haven't a clue what motivates him....light reflections? water movement when his paws hit the water? who knows. His very furry paws got soaking wet along with some of the area around the bowl. Shaking the water off his paws sent sprinkles all over the place. And then he came back and drank from that bowl. Go figure. 😊


I'll bet they're thinking about the next event they want to try out when you're not looking. :-D Maybe it's another water splashing event. I've never understood why some kitties are fascinated with water. I had one who loved playing with the water coming out of the hose and another who just loved digging the water out of her water bowl.


Who knows what mischief is brewing behind their cute faces, Betty! 😊😊

What great fun, and look at those faces!!!


A fun distraction, even if it drives him nuts. Sounds like very fun kitten entertainment. Love that about my rascals. Enjoy watching them watch and react to hummingbirds on the deck or birds and squirrels in a nearby tree.....or just doing whatever they're doing. I'm constantly amazed by what intrigues them.


Indeed, calluna. Ian will either drive himself nuts with it, or accomplish his goal or probably both. At least it keeps him busy because right now he's jittery and eager for school to start next week with teacher meetings. LOL. Our backyard kittens are really funny....always trying to get the best of one another.


Yes, Anne, that's Tavi on the left. Both are curious, but Tavi takes it to a new level, most recently with water......bath water as it drains, sink water (though he's not interested in drinking from the faucet) and in doing battle with cat water fountains or even still water.....splashing, seemingly trying to tip one over....not sure what his story is. Yup....I have no idea what's going round in their heads! 😊
Ha ha. Sounds like Ian's got his work cut out. 😊


Aw, they looks so cute and so innocently curious....especially Tavi (on the left?). But who knows what craziness lurks in the hearts and minds of cats....heh, heh, heh. Our outdoor neighborhood cat with three kittens is back at our house for meals. Ian's hoping to catch mama (ha, ha, ha). She's already outwitted him twice.

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