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Signs of Spring - Look who's made an appearance!

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A few days ago, during the warm spell, I saw a chipmunk for the first time since early December. Then I saw (what I assume was) this one near the bird feeder. Today (s)he poked a head out of a hole midway up a snowbank, then emerged while I was watching and had the camera handy.

The chipmunk didn't glean; it simply headed over the path toward the porch; perhaps it was merely taking the overland route to one of its caches, although it clearly has a tunnel complex of some sort beneath the snow.

[In fact, I subsequently saw him on top of a post by the porch. When I opened the window to take a picture, he spooked and disappeared down the opening by the post into the snow - only to reappear from a different tunnel at the feeder. After looking around, he headed back into the hole, then emerged once more at the post about 6 feet away.]
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Awww .... How cute....


Already? lucky you, I hope to see them soon around here, they are so cute.


Welcome spring!


Thank you Don. I love chipmunks and haven't seen any here yet. Soon I guess if you've got them already. Beautiful photo!


Niccolino, I've posted a few other chipmunk pictures the last few months:

Best closeup:

Filling cheek pouches:

Raiding sunflower seed feeder:


Great picture! Ours are still underground. : )


What a gorgeous little creature. I've never seen one before. And what a great and clear shot. Thanks for sharing.


Well, today, he was feeding. I saw him foraging around the feeder area, so I put out more food. For at least the next two hours he was busily either eating or gathering food and taking it back to his tunnel. Perhaps the very cold winter and icy snow cover depleted his stocks? Or maybe it's time for him to resume active feeding - it's probably approaching mating time, as for squirrels.


Awwwww, I rarely see chipmunks here in my part of the city but do see loads of squirrels. Almost all our squirrels are black here (Toronto). Thanks for a sweet pic, Don. :-)


Awww - a "chippie", how sweet.


I looked out this morning, and the chipmunk was in my feeder on the ground by the
front door, I was shocked, usually don't see them till spring. There is so much snow &
ice, can't figure why they are out, except everyone seems unusually hungry, a lot of
critters are coming out during the day. He hides behind my front door foot part (can't
quite explain it). I am on a slab so that piece under the door doesn't go anywhere.
Thanks for the cute pictures, check out my raccoons & deer, next page over.

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