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Thomas Jefferson at work
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  1. crambob19:46
  2. wowser12320:03
  3. margitsz24:58
  4. grimric25:49
  5. izzyyiya29:59
  6. fien30:36
  7. Anthony31:34
  8. Gulliver34:21
  9. Thurid36:38
  10. Mellomman37:30


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ks: love your sense of humor! Did your husband take this picture of your other man? :) (hope you remove 19Tiger49's comment ... there is enough negative political energy on social media, etc. let's keep jigidi fun!)


I love this picture, especially your hand on his knee!!. You asked about the 4 QE 2 pics in Carolina Blue. We moved to Williamsburg in 1971 when our daughter was one. She just turned fifty on June 1st. I taught math at Queens Lake Middle. Where did all the time go?

Very clever!


no, I haven't

Oh please, Sue- do visit me in my intimate iguana boudoir for a heart-to UU talk! Foxes, mermaids and iguanas have so little in common that that they can appreciate each other without needing to compete or devour...


You make me chuckle, Jean! Clearly, you're a true UU. I wish we could share some face-time! I'll be mulling your "over-challenging to fnd a comfortable niche." Story of my life. (But then, I'm a mermaid... Or is it a fox???)

Actually l think we are not all that rare, simply not identified- UU is supposed to be the least known of the major recognized religions. But it is difficult to share beliefs one does not care to debate in the face of ignorance, belligerence and crassness.
The nearby congregation is too old, inbred and stogy for me- The farther one is lively, with tons of talented participants and a good pastor. It is thriving... in fact it won a grant for further development and growth... but l personally find it over-challenging to find a comfortable niche for myself...


thanx for the personal note, Jean! Our UU congregation is struggling in this hotbed of conservatism. Recently ran into another UU, in a surprising place--a true oasis for me!

@kshastings - Hello Sue- My previous post was derived from yesterday's UU sermon on addressing conflict and techniques on how to do it... (???) (!!!)
l truly do relate to UU teachings, have just resumed attending services after a long hiatus due to previously mentioned conflict with nearby congregation; so the hour commutation is worth it, l hope...

@grannie1059 , l'm with you-
@19Tiger49, l hope you're correct. Your view differs from mine, but then what do l know in the face of your wisdom, education and experience?


Enjoyed the puzzle, kshastings, as did the majority of others who commented here.


Many of us enjoy a special camaraderie here. We try to express our thoughts in ways that are not insulting to others.


actually, I didn't know about Murray Grove. Have only been a UU for abt 5 years. Before that, lived on a boat, before that, Episcopalian, before that, Methodist. Went to our monthly women's lunch today, same day & hour that the men meet for lunch. They go to Hibachi Grill (isn't that redundant?) and we go to Senor Jaime's. Our congregation is small, and seems to have always been that way. I guess it's hard to grown Conservative Country. Can't even vote Blake Fahrenthold out of office.

oh! then you know about Murray Grove. l see it as an opportunity whose time has yet to come.


my husband is UU Board Prez this year. Congregational mtg last Sunday.

as a matter of fact- since you're a writer- l live near Murray Grove- the birthplace of UU in America-
It is a lovely property with comfortable old buildings used a retreat and conference center. Of course in need of money- l offered to write a little book about the history for them- They could so easily ut it in the black as a place of pilgrimage... no go. no will, no interest. money is dirty, don'tyouknow... so l left...


LOL Jean, LOL!!!

hey, lady- WATCH THAT HAND on his knee! We're on to you- that white hair ain't foolin' nobody!

It is very cute, i got about fifty jokes that come to my head instantly, but I think its time to just keep my mouth shut! :) it is very cut :)


That's very cute!


Williamsburg VA. You can google it. Uppity of me, I guess, to pose with him, but too good an opportunity to miss!

Where is this sculpture? I think Jefferson was and remains the smartest President we ever had.
Wish we had someone like him today.

Why this advertisement?