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260 pieces
35 solves
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  1. Julle071224:40
  2. karenholleran35:07
  3. dannybrooks35:26
  4. Dot537:26
  5. s88jiggydee39:58
  6. malove43:57
  7. franknkathi50:38
  8. MetalPeddler56:54
  9. jtaucci1:02:56
  10. Jjnovak1:04:09


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All my puzzles pubished in here before page 93 are around 200 pieces in size.

I am in the same case as you are. I use these puzzles to challenge my self, especially after a failed cataract surgery 2016. I am going to be 77 in one month. My eye sight getting so bad I almost has to give up this hobby of mine. I have a lots of puzzles in jigidi before 2016 that are in smaller size.You will be able to find them through my achieve.

Dear Puzzleaddict123, I have always loved your puzzles. I am a senior citizen and have all the afflictions that go with that. Puzzling is my sanctuary. My computer screen is not large for my eyes. I was wondering if you could make a smaller addition of your puzzles (196 pieces) when you post your large piece puzzles? Thank you, have a safe and joyful life. Sweetrose2

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