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Adriaen van Ostade. (Dutch painter,1610-1685). 48 pieces inside.

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The stall keeper
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Thanks Hanne. ♥


It's a very interesting situation he has caught here!! Thanks Ank! :-)))


Hoi Gerdje, ik had het zelfde probleem. Maar in Nederland gebruiken we dit woord eigenlijk ook. We praten bijvoorbeeld over een boekenstalletje. Maar het is niet het eerste waar we aan denken. Ik ben blij dat Linda je geholpen heeft. Zij is een echt taal-wonder. ☺

Linda dear, thanks. ♥♥♥


Yes, you are right. It is the same word but with a different meaning here. No animals in this painting. ☺♥☺

Haha , dank u wel Linda ! Bij "stall" zoek ik natuurlijk eerst de dieren , ... tja .


Gerdje, das ist eine Person, die einen Marktstand betreibt.
Ein "stall" ist ein Verkaufstisch und kann mit oder ohne Dach sein. ☺☺♥☺

Ik begrijp het niet . Is er een nederlands of duits woord voor " stall keeper " ?


Thanks Linda and Cathy. This is almost the last, but... we have more Dutch painters. ☺


Yes, it's a great painting!!
Ank, thank you for this series. ♥


This is a wonderful painting, with light used to good effect.
I agree with you, Nev, that's the way I see it too. The buyer is looking very intently at the stall-keeper, clearly wondering what price the seller will want.
Thank you, Ank. ♥


Thanks Brian. I agree. ♥☺♥


A masterful painting, superb! ☺☺


Thanks Janet Nev Linda and Lorna. Nev I think you see it right. At first I did not understand, so I asked Linda to explain me a stall keeper. ☺ And now I see it the way you do. ☺


Beautifully captured moment in time. Thanks Ank.


Lovely painting. I especially like the children's clothes!


Ank, I really like this one. It appears to be the stall keeper on the right announcing the price of the item, and the customer reaching in his coat for the money to pay for it. Accompanied by his wife with her basket, and their three children. Hope I'm seeing it right. ♥♥♥


He looks nicely prosperous, so must be a good stall keeper or is that a customer? Another wonderful one thanks dear Ank, hugs ♥♥♥

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