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I saved my mom from a rattlesnake!

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  1. steph60:33
  2. PhilBre0:34
  3. arthurleach0:34
  4. patten0:34
  5. Ianto0:35
  6. goldwing270:36
  7. kareng0:38
  8. Guiri0:38
  9. hadzi0:40
  10. Geodimeters0:41


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That was a nasty snake. I thought dogs could shake it to death. I hope he didn’t think it was a toy.

What happened to the snake?



Poor Baby but bet he is being pampered and much loved as he really deserves. Amazing he survived!!! Big kisses xx




What a brave sweetheart. I hope you feel much better soon.


What a brave puppy you are sweetness - kisses and cuddles coming your way. Get well soon. 🧡💛💚💙💜


Thank you for letting us know he is doing good. I love a happy ending.

Poor baby,but so 😻


Unquestioning, instinctive savior. Bless the dog!

Oh my goodness!! Bless his brave little soul. What an heroic dog!! Xx


He's doing just fine and acts like nothing happened! But that's just how these gorgeous Goldens are...nothing seems to bother them!

"Great Dog"! Please keep us posted on his recovery.

Please tell us this wonderful sweet dog will be well soon. What a special friend he/she is. God Bless!


You wonderful, special doggy. A true hero. Hope you heal quickly and without lasting effects. Thanks, Marion.


Good puppy, sorry you have to suffer though.

wow, incredible. truly mankind's best friend!
Best wishes for recovery!


poor baby....such a good loyal puppy. hope puppy's okay


God Bless you little dog, Hope your felling better soon. Hugs for you. !!!!!


What a wonderful dog! I hope he's back to 100% one day soon.

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