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The Queen having tea with Paddington Bear

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Her Majesty keeps her marmalade sandwiches in her handbag.
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Yes....I like to think that too ♥

They are.


I like to think they are together again now, it makes me feel better. ♥

They were together for almost 85 years.

I think she died of a broken could see how quickly she deteriorated after Prince Phillip sad ♥


The purple hands were certainly noticeable as you say 2 days before her passing GIG92. I think the Queen changed a lot after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. I like to think she died of a broken heart. Unfortunately we will never know the real cause of her passing.

Amazing, Jumble, if you enlarge this photo, her hands are both very purplish. That was very noticeable in that last picture 2 days before her death, when she shook hands with her new Prime Minister. Yet nothing was mentioned about that in her official death certificate listing cause of death. Very strange!



Yes she definitely had the beat. I think she might be a secret Queen fan. :-)


Superb timing then to synchronise her tapping with the live drums


It is GIG92, apparently it was filmed in March, and none of the Royal family knew about it until it was shown that night.

This was sooo cute!!! ; ))


Thanks SailorSam that is the shortened version.


also here

You are welcome!


Thank you alias, I think I have found the whole thing on Michael Cowan twitter, scroll down 4 videos:-


I did see it a couple of days ago, alias, thanks for the research.
I was just about to save it, but it was deleted

Sorry, but the clip has been removed due to copyrights.

Today the first link I provided, had been cut down to only a few seconds. So I made a new YouTube search.
I searched for: Queen Elizabeth Platinum Paddington.

Most results were only short snips, but I was lucky and found the whole thing.

If the Platinum concert was broadcasted in Belgium, you might find it there. It was the opening scene, just before Queen (the band) entered the stage.


I thought you would Albert.
What a shame.


The link that alias posted doesn't work in Belgium.
An issue with the rights and thus videocanal blocked it. Pity


Love it! ♥♥♥


Judy it was so good I wish everyone could have seen everything. :-)


Well done alias, I couldn't find anything as good as that. Thank you.

Sorry, but the link got corrupted. Hope this one will last.
I really enjoyed watching this tea party.


That is delightful!


Yes Dave it was a magical weekend.


Lorna, yes I always wondered what she carried in her bag. I l too love her sense of humour, she definitely had the rhythm with that spoon.


A special time for you folks on the other side of the pond Irene - and throughout the world also.


It's ever so funny indeed.... I don't think our king would be in for a joke like that.
In spite of her age, she's young at heart


It was brilliant, but after the Queen's performance with James Bond at the London Olympic opening ceremony, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that she prove again what a sense of humour she has and what good sport she is. As for the contents of her omnipresent handbag, (yes, I was one who had always wondered!) well, now we know!! And seeing her clatter the cutlery to the rhythm of the band Queen's first song was hilarious!
Thanks Irene.


Well done Alias, that link has the hole thing which was just as good.


Difficult to smile for over 2 hours when the camera is always on you, not to mention when your nose itches!

Queen Elizabeth II & Paddington seen from sreens outside:


I think she had a wonderful one Alias.

I did too Don, though I was surprised to see that miserable lady sat behind Prince William, she looked as though she would rather be anywhere else but there. :-))

This is great.


I really enjoyed the show

Happy anniversary!


This video is well worth a watch:-

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