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Green ant's nest in Port Douglas

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The Green Ants build a nest by 'gluing' leaves together with a silk-like sticky thread - the nest was about the size of a soccer ball. They are also called Weaver Ants.
If you accidentally bump the nest the ants go into attack-mode - and they have a real nasty bite! The ants are actually green coloured and about 1/2" long. The Aboriginal people pick them up & bite off the abdomen which is filled with a tangy lime fluid that is high in Vitamin C!!
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My pleasure Jim - thanks!!


Rob , thanks for clueing me in about the green ants.


LOL!! Thanks ruby:))) I guess they have their place in the big picture of Mother Nature's plan!!!

Now that sounds like pure fiction Jim!!! Herzog sounds like he has a very rich imagination to put green ants in the outback desert - they are mainly found in warm/hot tropical trees for a start!!! Thanks for the link though - it was interesting:)))


How interesting Rob. I just watched an Aussie movie, "Where the Green Ants Dream". Jim.


Well, that's one interesting item you are welcome to keep. :-))


LOL!! I think most Queenslanders do Shirley :))) Thanks!!

It was just off the footpath Suzy - you'd have been safe!!!! Chris was wondering why I was taking a photo of it - but I knew there'd be Jigidi people who were unfamiliar with them!! Thanks!!


Made out of leaves!!! I never would have noticed it and would have quickly become ant bait for them@


Oh yes, I know what a green ant bite is like, it aches for hours, nasty little critters, Thanks, Rob.


I'm pleased they're not in Arizona Barb - they sound real nasty!!!!

Me too Janet - and I'm very wary of them now!!!! Thanks!


A great pic of a green ant's nest Rob. Oh yes, I've been stung by them and they hurt for ages. Thanks and hugs, janet


No fire ants in Arizona, thanks heaven. We do have ants and they do sting too but nothing like those vicious fire ants. I agree, there is no way to get rid of them :(


We have the fire ants here too Barb - they came in a few years ago on a ship-load of goods from somewhere - and created a real panic for the government!!!! They've spent $millions on the eradication programme - and still keep finding new outbreaks of them!!! I'd say they're here to stay now - unfortunately :((((


LOL!! Me too flkatz:)))) Thanks for commenting!!

It sure is Dave - thanks!!

It was at shoulder height along a pathway Lyndee - and you're right - yikes!! We kept well away!!!


Don't even mention ants Rob! Living in Florida for several years, I've had my dose of ants that is. They can turn even a saintest, sweetest person into a raging maniac....What a horrible entities! :(((


I would never have noticed this nest Robyn....yikes!


Isn't it amazing how life fills different space in the environment.


Very interesting how they build the nest, but I'll get Vitamin C else, thank you. lol!

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