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Merry Christmas Colors
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Oh how lovely to see you commenting Eva, Hugs dear friend ♥♥


It has been a while. I've been chasing my tail lately. I don't know why life seems so busy.
And sending lots of love your way. Yes, I just keep doing puzzles with people that are kind. I stay away from the others.
Hugs from your Sis! 🌺🌺🌺❤️


Jayne, It looks like you are doing the right thing and I would keep that up if I were you because there really are annoying people on this platform🌹
Thank you for stopping in and Hugs to you❤️❤️



You are All The Best and a “ThankYou” doesn’t seem enough for the warmth and care you are sending my way and in return I send you a Hot Arizona Hug to are All appreciated ❣️ I am Truly Sorry for not checking in sooner..that’s the cost you pay when just using an IPad 🌹

We are still doing very well and are now ready for the summer heat❤️❤️

Jill, any time you say prayer will be appreciated especially keeping up the good health..other things I leave up to God❣️ Blessings my friend🌹

Val, I miss you too and I still follow your posts 😺 Your advise is taken to heart❣️
We do have lots of birds visiting and never a dull moment looking thru the windows❣️
Hugs dear friend❤️❤️

Barb, You are very kind and glad you took a liking to my pastime enjoyment and since this picture I’ve created 5 more baby blankets😊
Hugs to you dear friend❤️❤️

Ank, You truly are a miracle and I’m still praying for your well being🌹..Seeing you posting like in the passed shows me the strength and fight you have within you❣️ I’ve been following you on this platform and you make me smile 😺😺
Thank you for your Thoughtful comment on our Anniversary, much appreciated 🌷
About your response to my post about annoying people I appreciate it very much…and I know instead of confront about it…I get hurt and shut down..which I’ve done now for at least 70 years of my age and it’s hard to brake..Even the Jigidi team haven’t helped much in the passed🙀
Hugs in bundles dear friend❤️❤️

Judy.. Hi dear Sis..It’s been awhile and I’m glad you stopped by and I see you’ve been felt by the annoying people/person too..Being Christian you pray for them but seeing them on other posts with their ignorant comments makes you, at least myself to stay away 🙀 After all the kindness I’ve received on this post maybe it’s time to step out from hiding😊..
Hugs dear Sis❤️❤️


Eva thinking of you Hemi and Luke and Bobo, hope you are all happy and you have many birds visiting hugs ♥♥♥


I'm glad you haven't run into any of these people, Jayne.
I just avoid as much as I can and try to stick to the people who are lovely and kind.


I must be followed by the wrong..... or right! 😚 commenters since I haven't encountered any of the problems mentioned. Hope it stays that way! But then I only read comments directed toward me, maybe that's why I haven't noticed.💖


Hi Eva!
I totally understand and feel the same way many times.
I've run into some people who have not treated me kindly, and by solving the puzzles of people I like, I end up running into them.
Sending you some hugs! ❤️❤️❤️


I hope you have seen the message below.
I saw what you wrote a bit below. I understand that annoying people have been busy. Too bad. Know that there are more nice people on Jigidi than nasty ones. If you are really bothered by annoying people then you should just report it to the Jigidi team. Then they warn the troublemakers. Jigidi must remain a nice club to enjoy for all people, including you. Love and big hugs. ♥♥♥


Hi Eva and Henning, it's a special day, Congratulations. ♥♥♥


Dear Eva, I am so glad you all are well. If you are content with your choices then I am as well. I was just concerned as other have said. Enjoy. I did see your crochet puzzles a few days ago. love the patterns. Hugs to you and yours. barb


Eva very happy to know all is well with you Hemi and fur babies, as Jill said we missed you, but now we know you are content with your choice. Stay safe, healthy and happy Hugs ☺♥


I am just so happy that you, hubby and fur kids are all well Eva. Also happy that you have made this choice for yourself and are still enjoying puzzles. Missed you and was concerned now that I know you are well I am content. 😘Thank you for your very kind words. Can I just say that if a situation arises that you need some extra prayer for please just let me know. Warm hugs



Jill, Barb and Val, Thank you 😺 I’m well and the same goes for hubby and our fur kids ..
For too long I’ve struggled with the dividing of the USA and it’s been showing in peoples comments and i have decided not to comment on puzzles or even following certain Jigidi creators. I’m doing puzzles I’ve always enjoyed doing without any involvement with the creators and by that said…I miss You Jill🙏 You are a very special lady with a sense of humor and Always with kind words❣️ Val, I repeat what I wrote to Jill 😺 and want you to know I’ve been solving your beautiful garden blooms and Bella and Jim, but have not comment because of some of your followers..🌹….Barb, I’m so glad you send your missing message and I have to admit I wish Jigidi would have more people like you❣️ Hugs and Blessings


@Kossamu Eva I hope you Hemi, Bobo and Luke are okay we miss you my friend Hugs ♥♥♥


Missing you and hoping all is well for you and yours. Hugs. barb


@Kossamu Eva I do hope everything is going well for you. Thinking of you and sending hugs


A blanket that will bring years of warmth and that will be loved. Love the colors and patterns. Eva. May your holidays be bright and merry!


Beautiful thanks Eva, with hugs. ♥♥


Lovely just lovely, Eva. barb


This is a very beautiful Christmas blanket Eva! Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year. In addition to health, I also wish you a lot of ideas and zeal for your handicrafts.


This is beautiful.


Good job. :)


Very pretty. Love the colors.


It’s gorgeous thanks Eva


One of my favorites patterns. Lovely colors.


Beautiful work. Your stitches are nice and even. My grandson picked out a granny ripple pattern for his graduation afgan.


A lovely Christmas or anytime blanket. Beautiful work, Eva. It will keep some little one warm and cozy. Bless you. Hugs my friend💖💖

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