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Pratts Poultry Regulator chart

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  1. swadlow5:52
  2. Boog6:23
  3. kristien26:42
  4. TimOlson7:02
  5. mkcre87:06
  6. yokel7:09
  7. rubyj7:12
  8. goran7:14
  9. barwilson8:09
  10. myladydanes8:21


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We have three breeds featured here. Our Buff Orpington's are found in the top left panel, bottom row middle. Our Buff's are Lucy and Ethel. Our Amercaucana's are featured in the same panel, top row middle.There is Eric and his sons, Joseph and Prince. The the "girls" - Henny and Jenny. Our Diva, Betty, is a Cochin. Her portrayal is on the bottom row, bottom right panel - far right. They have the "fluffy" feet. Betty won't get on or off the roost unless my husband lifts her! She also wants to be hand fed all the time. Betty is pretty much retired as a layer but since we don't eat chicken she has a long retirement in front of her. Betty spends most of her days finding patches of sunshine and hogging them. She also bosses all the chickens - including all three roosters!

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