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Freya - Having a bit of a tidy up!

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  1. liertje19781:08
  2. nessham1:14
  3. hadzi1:19
  4. Catemma1:22
  5. francine19471:29
  6. sammiegirl1:30
  7. Jtomlins1:30
  8. rhjrgj1:32
  9. ivar20121:34
  10. foxy621:35


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Eres una señorita muy encantadora, le encanta lucir bien, ¿no Freya?... You're a very lovely young lady, She loves to look good, do not Freya?☺☺☺♥♥♥


Miss Freya, this puts me in mind of my darling Pushkin (RIP beautiful one) who always slept on the bed with us, usually on my right leg, and every night she would start the interminable process of cleaning herself from top to bottom. We soon learned to be as quiet as mice as, if she once got interrupted, she would glare at the offender and go back to the beginning and start all over again. Truly, this could go on for hours sometimes and all I could think of was, yep, okay, furballs will be regurgitated on the carpet tomorrow. Better reach for the Catlax. ☺


Very well, thank you Jimmy! ~ Freya x

Its does, elizabethtennant!

I don't know how she manages to stay so white, Ivar2012!
Nevím, jak se jí podaří zůstat tak bílé, Ivar2012!

snooker, don't remind me!

canoekaw, I try but I still get hairball 'gifts'...

jetmech7, that would involve work and Freya is very much a lady of leisure!! ☺☻☺

She does love her basket, donnebrook!


And, a lovely basket for him to sleep in.


I can't get over how beautiful Freya is , look at that gorgeous tail. Freya you could come to our house and use that tail to do some dusting on some shelves.


I am sure her mum helps keep her combed or brushed to prevent the hairballs as best she can. I know my mum does for me.

Hairball heaven isn't it, Freya. You will look lovely when you are finished.


Krasavice čistotná. Belle neat.


Bet that beautiful coat takes some cleaning!


Hello sweet Freya - how are you today?

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