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Display at the supermarket

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So the just skipped right over Valentine's day?

That is WAY to early.


I will report a sequence of events which occurred here in the western suburbs of Sydney last December, and it is truthful because I saw it with my own eyes:-
* Dec. 26th (Boxing Day) - a large department store was selling out the last of its Christmas items at much reduced prices. There wasn't much left, so the shelves were already quite sparse.
* Dec. 27th. I happened to be in that same shopping centre this next day for some reason, and wondered if the department store had sold all of the remaining Christmas merchandise. So I went in, and this is what I saw: all those near empty shelves were now stocked with EASTER BUNS!!! I thought I was seeing things, but no, there in front of me, on Dec. 27th, was a complete range of Easter Buns, of all types and flavours. I just stood there in amazement, before eventually walking away.
[I think this is why old people like me have heart attacks. :-))) ]

This is the second display.

It is the front entrance of the store, It needs to look good.


A nice display but still too early, they should at least wait until December, it's the same here though across the pond.

That they are Juba.


Everyone is getting ready. :-)

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