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cat quilts

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Knowing how many of you are cat and kitty lovers as well as quilting I have combined the two in this puzzle. Siamese, Burmese, Tabby, Persian, Marmalade and make believe are to be found here. Have fun with it as it was fun to make and so is the poem below:

The Inscrutable Cat

(Georgie Starbuck Gailbraith)

She crouches, a silent golden sphinx,
And thinks and drowses and yawns and thinks . . .
Of cosmic riddles old as Osiris?
Behold her there like a fur-swatched heiress,
A jewel-eyed hedonist whose mind
Is filled with the thoughts of her occult kind:
Herself and her own desires. In short,
Will I let her stay on the davenport
Or put her out? And dare she try
To capture a goldfish by-and-by?
Veiled and inscrutable, she hunches
And ponders profoundly how soon lunch is.
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  1. Marlene017:33
  2. LLN7:43
  3. sheenpeen7:48
  4. webpeggy8:30
  5. jennyd9:11
  6. chrisLDR9:23
  7. Sunnyanne9:38
  8. vetaide9:50
  9. GmaBee9:56
  10. felinefrenzy10:13


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I love the fact that cats are such characters. They really live life on their own terms. These quilts are so beautiful and capture that air of aloofness or quizzical enquiry so common to cats. God bless you. Jayne


Felines are always special to me and when you connect it's absolutely the greatest. I had five cats once and it was hard to give each one my time and I was also working and when the weekend came my time was all toward the cats..We would take long walks by the creek and they loved that :-)) Thanks Jayne for this wonderful puzzle..God Bless You..❤️❤️


It is fun. Jayne

My son and daughter in law had 6 cats , who ruled the roost. Only 2 left now. I love the expression on the second from right at the bottom. Thanks Jayne....Wendy x


It is very sweet Judy. Glad you liked it. Jayne


I love the 2 cats in the middle with the birds on their heads (turquoise background). I used this for my computer desktop for awhile !


Thanks Queen and Tiina - cats are the introverts of the animals world - they enjoy company but on their own terms and when it suits them. So to human introverts I think they are more 'scrutable' because we take the time to pay attention. I had to look up scrutable to check it was indeed a word - and there it is - 'understandable when subject to scrutiny'. A word to play with and use more often - so thanks Queen. Jayne


Lovely! However, I find cats quite scrutable. They're just more private than dogs, who 'let it all hang out', so you know their every thought! :)


Really joyful!!!! Thanks, Jayne :-) t.

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