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My Money Tree

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this was a gift to start the new year off with 😊
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  1. Navea0:40
  2. Watchman0:48
  3. Ianto0:50
  4. SPaceDinVADerOne0:52
  5. mariola0:53
  6. JahSlh19431:11
  7. GrammaC1:13
  8. nanab1:16
  9. jeribar81:19
  10. jaycees1:29


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You are quite fortunate to have bad luck bring you good luck John, what do you want to break down next? : )
My Mom had one of these that she gave to me and I later gave to my daughter. It's a very healthy plant and easy to care for.


Wow.. your money tree is big and healthy-looking.
My lucky money tree worked for me too. I got 2
stimulus checks in the mail that I didn't plan on..!


yum 😊


I will keep an eye out for it in SPAM ;-))


sure, I'll email it to you 😉 lol


Send me a leaf, so I can start a money tree. LOL ;-)


in late April, the motor blew in our truck. so I did something totally out of character for me ... I took the wife to the casino. we stayed the night at their hotel, and went out to eat. enjoyed the indoor/outdoor hot tub ... and came home with almost $1,000 ... so I'm not saying a word about nuttin' 😉 lol


I need to see some dollar amounts on the leaves.

I hope that it works.


I’ll bet you get more money from the fruit trees.


Nice gift to start the new year. Does it grow $$$? For it looks like it could bounce a check, for it is a little rubbery looking. ;-))



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