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Fibonacci Sequence in Nature 3 of 4

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Also known as

the golden ratio
the divine proportion
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  1. PurpleGirl171:28
  2. Mimie1:34
  3. Dclo1:34
  4. mefmouse1:58
  5. RebeccaB2:14
  6. alias2v2:32
  7. Kizzykat2:34
  8. Pekaji2:43
  9. ShifterBrains2:46
  10. avago2:47


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I have to admit that I never heard of the "Fibonacci Sequence" before, but on googling it I find that it is the basis for many of the most beatiful things in nature. A wave, a Nautilus shell, a sunflower. Who knew that I was a Fibonacci sequence fan and have been for decades?

Another incidence of the educational tidbits found on Jigidi!


the fact that it is just over half is probably not an accident, LOL, since it's a widening circle or spiral it describes. Beautiful :)


That's just about half of pi.

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