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Feeling fresh, crunching snow under your feet...wonderful!

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Tomorrow it's going to thaw.
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@Teagardener and @jerrys : thank you both ♥


Hello St. Louis Fella . . . Stay warm and safe today !


@Teagardener our overnight snowfall was small particulate because of the extreme cold. When we reached 6 degrees, I bundled well and swept the sidewalks. Expect more later today. SSSW&W


Hello @Jaklien and @jerrys :) ME TOO, I’m not stepping out the door, not for anything, lol ! The 4 inches of snow didn’t happen, but what’s on the ground is solid ice . . . it’s a good day for catching up on puzzles :) Thank you Jaklien for this lovely one !


Nicely said, Jerry.
Some days I also enjoyed behind my windows because of way too cold and too slippery ;-)


@Jaklien The ethereal blue shadows on snow are caught beautifully. Although sunny, it is too cold to go crunching through our thin snow cover here (6 degree (F) air temperature, -9 degrees wind chill), so I sit in the sunroom and watch the puffed-up birds on the feeders in the yard. Thanks for posting this image. SSSW&W


'the old git', my pleasure ;-)


Yes, Jill, I read it in the paper and saw it in the weather report on TV. It's going to rain....


Jaklien seems an odd question - but do you actually know that it will thaw tomorrow? Gorgeous photo by the way.

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