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My new Rooster!

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We bought him at Tamborine Mountain.
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  1. TaDah0:11
  2. moon89620:11
  3. laurajane0:12
  4. marunka2770:12
  5. goingsilver0:13
  6. snooker0:13
  7. rubybrewsday0:13
  8. brgos0:13
  9. PLG19580:13
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He's really pretty, and it'll be nice to have one that won't wake you up or chase you around the yard or leave messes on the ground for you to hop over! Thanks for sharing him with us Robyn, did you give him a name? Are you going to get him any friends to fancy up the yard?


He hasn't yet Jim - so he's house-trained :))))) Thanks!

LOL!! Too bad Gail:)))) He'll just have to cope on his own:)))

All the birds just totally ignore him Dave - and Layla walked up & sniffed him - and then walked away:)))) Thanks!!


Let us know what the lorikeets think of him. Its a beauty Robyn!!


Oh, that's okay, Robyn, as long as he has his coat of sealer on him at all times. Won't he get lovesick being all alone all the time?


Great looking Rooster Rob, at least he won't be waking you up in the morning.


Ha!! No hens to keep him company Laura - and all the other birds (real ones) ignore him!!!! Thanks!!

I think he's pretty safe in the back garden Gail - and I gave him an coat of sealer to protect him!! I just like seeing him in amongst the plants :))) Thanks!!

Thanks Beekay :))

Thanks Lyndee :))

Ah! So it's probably the same plant we had - thanks for that snooker :)))

You had asked if this one had seed pods. It does. Was just watering and looked at it again and found a few long pods.


He's a beauty.


Great addition to the garden :-)


I'd never put that beauty outside for fear he'd grow legs and take a walk to another part of the neighborhood. He'd be a mantle rooster for me...


He is bound to make the ladies go crazy!


:)))) Thanks Florrie:))

He's a real looker I think Shirley - thanks!!!

That's for sure snooker :))) Thanks!!!

Thanks Nicki :)))

VERY well trained Barb :))) LOL!!! Thanks!!


Good looking rooster, Rob.....and quiet too...well trained :)


Oh he's sooo cute!

Nothing better than a quiet rooster. :)


Oh I love him Rob, quite at home there in the garden, and he won't scratch up your garden or wake you in the early mornings.


My pleasure Janet - glad I could put your mind at rest:)))


yes Rob, you did a brilliant job on solving the unknown plant! Well done! Hugs. Have left you a message there.


LOL!!! The tale of the non-crowing rooster Nev:)))) Thanks!!!


He's settled in really well Cathy - & not showing any signs of being lonely without his mates from the shop either :)))) Thanks!!!


What a wonderful rooster!!!!! And he looks very happy in your garden. : )))


LOL!!! No way Lorna - I'm a one-rooster person :)))))


He's great Rob, the ideal rooster, but didn't you get him a mate?


I'm pleased you like him Kirsten :))) Thanks!!

I solved your unknown flower puzzle Janet :)))) This little rooster just HAD to be mine when I first laid eyes on him :)))) Thanks Janet!!

LOL!!! He's rather cute isn't he!!! Thanks Beekay:)))


That's a rooster I wouldn't mind having in the yard!


Rob, he is fabulous. What a nice treat to buy for yourself. He's so gorgeous and bright too, and won't wake you up too early crowing! LOL! hugs, janet

Rob, I have an unknown flower and my hopes are all on you!!


Ha! At first glance, I thought this was one of Edie's puzzles! LOL

And he's gorgeous! I've got once similar made out of corrugated iron. Or probably more like colourbond these days. LOL Thanks for sharing him Rob, (•‿•)


LOL!! Thanks Patti - and he's the quiet, silent type!!!


He's darling! Great colors!

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