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MOM, I am sooooooooo bored!

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48 pieces
55 solves
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  1. Dclo2:11
  2. Erzulis2:40
  3. Carol662:42
  4. thebetterhalf2:43
  5. dartagnan2:45
  6. dianajnelson2:47
  7. GrandmaJo2:49
  8. yarnover3:05
  9. Impie3:06
  10. Larryl3:07


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I'll take your word for it.


Yup, stretching exercises are most important......... :) He is doing quite well! Worries me as he does not always seem to understand his new "limitations".............I love this little furry baby. :)


She's stretching out after her afternoon nap.




Lovely!!!!....thank Payton for me please, Carol....I'll look forward to his catnip request! :-)))


Impie, Payton sends you whisker kisses and a big thank you.....he will be in touch. ;)


Hey Payton....if your mom is willing to host you a party, I could send you a stock of fresh catnip for all to enjoy. "Goofie's" catnip field is still growing in my garden and is doing just great this year....(no little white flies in them this time). You just say the word and I'll cut some and pack it for you. You might send over a young kitty to virtually pick it up and carry it through customs.....they'll never suspect a young kitty to do that! LOL


Hmmmm....bored?? Looks to me like you're just super relaxed, showing us all how to be serene, enjoying a lazy day in the cooler weather. Sooooo much more comfortable than that crazy hot stuff earlier this past week!!


Mrs QE, Little Bit and Reese's, we haven't grown catnip this year. ;( (But, we know you have!) Have basil and as yours it is not growing far!? Plans for our wild kitty party just temporarily on hold.......see you at the next party meeting........?


Carol66 & Payton - catnip growing great - basil not so good yet love to come for for visit - Little Bit & Reese's!



Ahhhh the summer lament. If only you had thumbs and could play on jigidi. I think you need a mouse


Tisketsmum, good idea we need to think about that it has been awhile. And I "heard" Mrs Quinn Eskimo has a good stock of catnip! ;)


Perhaps you could invite some of your Jigidi kitty pals to play with Payton?

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