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Cherry seed challenge

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I wanted to try making jam from the small cherries of our own cherry tree. The first challenge was to find a way to easily remove the seeds. Well, in fact the challenge before that was to get them from the higher branches of the tree. I found a handy way in the internet to remove the seeds : using a paper clip. Please, share your favorite method in comments.
Now, it's time for the cherry seed puzzle.
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  1. Jjitsoo22:02
  2. psantang23:03
  3. krv1223:17
  4. Strutsi27:30
  5. Mischa9527:37
  6. toledogirl33:58
  7. SusanBaude37:41
  8. LillooetJules37:44
  9. buddie139:04
  10. Bascom40:15


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yes, it does. have fun..

Thank you for sharing the memory. The hair pin then works in the same way I used the paper clip.

when we had this time of the year when I was 10 or 11 years old. My Mother would put a sunsuit on me and sit me at the kitchen table with a bowl of cherrys and an empty bowl and an old fashioned hair pin (the kind grandma's had to pin their hair back in a bun) and I learned to take the rounded part of the hair pin and go in through the stem end and pull out with the pin the pit. then I was allowed to eat a lot of them also. then there was the whole jam making process with the paraphing melting and all that.
thanks for the memories.

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