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A shovel

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It was a side street, but was out a way soon after.


Not a good place to leave a shovel



So do I, you are welcome:-)))


Mám ráda záhady, děkuji za odpověď Ianto

introvertka: it depends on the job.
This was on a Saturday, So no one was working. It was put away when I walked past on my way home. Why it was in the middle of the driveway will be a mystery.


Já myslím, že je to celkem jedno, zda se jedná o lopatu, nebo o rýč. Jen by mě zajímalo, kde je ten pracovník, proč lopatu pohodil a zmizel. 😂😂😂


Thank you Nev! Now I know it is the spade I want to move snow from the path from my front door to the street.

Thanks Nev, for the information. There is a big difference.

There is a lot of digging to get to the broken water pipes/


Jolene, Jacki @bluebird42 has summed up the difference between a shovel and a spade quite accurately. The implement with a long handle and a sharp point in the blade, such as in your image here, is indeed a shovel. Plumbers use them to dig shallow drains because the sharp point will penetrate clay soils quite easily, to get the drain started. A spade has a long flat bottom edge and is used mostly in gardening work, for moving quantities of soil from one place to another. Spades come with a handle, shovels generally do not. ♥♥♥

Dan, I'm sure that you can find that kind here. Ones with handles as well.

Blue: It also depends on who long the handle is. And very true.


We have both kinds here, one just like the one in the road and one with a shorter pole, the metal shoveing part, and a handle. I think one is officially a shovel and the other officially a spade, but have no idea which is which. All I know is they both dig holes when you push the metal part into the soil! ;-)


Our shovels differ in that the top of the handle has a short horizontal piece, making like a T shape.

That it was Blue, It was put away by the time I passed by again.


An unusual place to leave a shovel.

Me as well. You do as we;; KC


I can dig it! Happy Sunday, Jolene.

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