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My new set of wheels

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Loving my new hard top convertible!
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Drifter.....I look GOOD sittin' in that! LOL!!!! Or I SHOULD makes me LOOK good sittin' in it.....LOL


Hi Puzzeljac! Hi Faye! Thank you for the Birthday wishes! It was a very nice one!
Thank you for the card Puzzeljac, you are so sweet!
My friend I'm seeing, threw me a Birthday party at the local hang out, had live music, cake, balloons and everything! It was so much fun. No one has ever given me a Birthday party.....that was my first. How cool was that.
Both of you take care. I'll try not to be gone so long next time. :)


Hi Yellowgal, I'm doing ok. I needed to make some changes here, and my friend has done some remodeling of my living room. It looks amazing.......expensive! But amazing. I lived with it for a year and a half, and it was time for a big change.
Rocky has been spending most of his time outside, running around, hunting, fishing...he loves the outdoors. Fancy is such a GIRL! I had her fixed, and declawed in the front. Didn't want to do it, but she was taring up too much stuff! That's a whole new story....her trying to figure out why she can't hang on when she jumps up on the screen door, or the drapes.... She's too funny. Hey, thanks. Sorry it's been a while. I've been dating, and it's good. We'll see how things go.


And a lovely card it is!

Hope your day is special, Jeannie...and hope you pop in to tell us how you're all doing.

♪♬ Happy Birthday! ♬♪


Happy Birthday Jeannie, have a great day. I made you a card. ☺

Thanks for the info on the car, Jeannie. How are Fancy and Rocky & what are they up to? Go easy on yourself, friend, there is no schedule or time table for handling grief. You might want to think about the progress that you have made, you might be surprised! We're here to listen & send good thoughts your way . . . . keep on trucking!!!


Thanks every one! I'm loving it. It's a 2008 Pontiac GT - G6 Hard Top convertible. Always wanted a convertible.....
And thanks....I'm doing ok... life still has it's ups and downs....Sometimes I think I have it all together...but not always.... Day out.....

That's where the Lady of The Lake has been . . . . busy at the car dealerships! Talk about a sweet choice, this car is gorgeous, Jeannie, congratulations!!!!! My husband would like to know what kind of car is it (if you don't mind us knowing)? Enjoy : o )))


Love it! One of my favourite colours...we've had two vehicles this colour but none as cute as yours! ;)


You GO Girl...>>>


Very cute car, healer. Enjoy.


Good to see you - I haven't seen you for a while. I hope you are well - and certainly enjoying life and your new wheels!

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