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Did you miss me? I'm Gismo!

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  1. DeDonder5:06
  2. junipurr5:38
  3. lindaleigh6:04
  4. Impie6:57
  5. redmal17:14
  6. cbmuller7:14
  7. thebetterhalf7:19
  8. rhjrgj7:22
  9. Lowmil9:09
  10. nillie10:16


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Oh no, Tisketsmum, it's just an old photo which mum didn't posted until today...


Oh dear Gismo, do I detect a new collar :-((


Hi Gismo. Yes, you were greatly missed and it's so nice to see you again. You are looking very handsome sitting there posing for the camera. ☺♥☺


Gismo you look adorable and any time you aren't on jigidi, we miss you!


We missed you Gismo. But now you are here and tha's really nice...


But of course we missed you Gismo, but there's really no need to re-introduce yourself, we didn't forget who you are and we never will !!☺♥☺

I'm delighted to see you all again. Of course we miss you!

Well hello gismo, where have you been?

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