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Scrabble is fun

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... even if one does lose 'most every match (I'm one)
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  1. Mjstearns21:33
  2. zhaba4733:16
  3. luduna36:24
  4. Ontheroad47:00
  5. lunabones52:20


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Okay, I will explain. The dog chewed up one of the tiles (Sophie ate P ). In a local antique-ish store we happened to see a bowlful of Scrabble tiles, for sale individually. They were not black. Rather than have the one non-matching tile, we bought several different letters to mix in, making it harder for a player to know what other players had on their rack. In conclusion: Instead of being short the one destroyed tile, we play with a handful of extra letters. Real Scrabble players would be horrified. Not us.


Would be my next question...


The game comes with a list of acceptable 2-letter words. You can see part of it in the upper left corner of the picture. We don’t question it, we just use it. BTW, mine is the losing score—the right half of the scoresheet. You didn’t ask why some of the letters are on brown tiles, not black, zhaba.


Fun puzzle. How do you get away with some of those 2-letter words?

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