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my red brick house, in foreground, neighbor's tree that fell from last night's high winds.

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snow has melted from all the rain. 12/12/21
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Wow glad it didn't get hit their house
you have a pretty home
Thanks for sharing


Yep.... those were some horrible storms. Straight line winds can do as much damage as a tornado, it's just that they leave a smaller debris field. I once saw straight line winds completely remove a neighbor's 100 foot barn.


Even the fragrant tree hanging from the rearview is going wowie. Those things make me gag, even before my allergies.


Good job! :o)


@Surreal_Heidi @lilliwebs i've added a few more puzzles to my site if you're interested. :) Penny


Looks like everyone (but the tree) was lucky!

Penny, remember to NOT leave a space when you tag someone. The ones you tagged correctly are blue, the ones you added a space to stayed black and didn't go through.


yes, your fallen tree was awesome! what a lot of wood!


@dhi .... the trunk of the tree was easily 3' in diameter, the tree itself was maybe 60' tall. straight line winds ... it's said they were over 80mph that night ... did the damage. fortunately the tree was far enough away from the house that only the upper branches brushed against the side of the house.

Mother Nature has ways of reminding us that we are nothing more then a part of the planet. we are in control of nothing ... we are simply along for the ride 😉


@SPaceDinVADerOne, wow that is one scary tree to come down!


Lucky them that it didn't fall directly on their house like mine did a few months ago. Such a cute neighborhood you live in. Reminds me of parts of Northern VA.


@Hillsidefarm @Bikerkath @Ianto @elseisinvadvej @KittyCounselor @bet43


glad no one was hurt 😊

here's me inside one I lost 5 years back. I'm 6' tall


@ KittyCounselor @Donnajames @Hillsidefarms @ lilliweb @ Bikerkath @ bet43
@shawnlimey @PutterDutt @Pickle9 @morepiecesplz @SPaceDinVADerOne
@Watchman @elseisnvadveg please visit my site for other puzzles. t.y. Penny


That was nice for you!


@dhi everyone's fine. looked like Someone caught it as it fell and laid it in their yard. it's about a foot from their house; they lost power, but have a generator that kicked in. they told me the whole house rattled and shook. dented about a 3x4 ft. section of roof
haven't seen my old school chum in years (we both moved away). she just happened to be visiting her family, so we had coffee and a great 2 hour visit catching up.


I hope you are all safe.

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