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Ranger : 6 month old Border Collie pup

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I think I have lost my mind. I'm in the process of trying to adopt Ranger. That's all I need... a 4th puppy to destroy my home. Candy is around 11 months old, and Molly and Zorro are 10 months old. They're at the worst chewing stage.
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Iceng, we don't have the equipment for large dog talk, either.


Cutie :)


Sorry to hear that, Heidi.....


I didn't get him. Someone else was accepted to adopt him first.


Dogs use smells as part of their communication..
We do not have the equipment for smell dog talk :-))


One of the best, and smartest, dogs we ever owned!


@iceng All dogs are smarter than humans. We expect them to learn and understand our language and customs completely, but how many humans can understand dog language completely?


I get good vibes off his picture, Heidi. And renlea has a good point! :o)


Ship them across the border until they learn some manners, Heidi. :o))))

Enjoy! I miss the fun of our Betsey when she was young. She's now 4 and very different to dignified and only occasionally plays with her toys.


You realize Heidi, Ranger is smarter then you !!

That is a good looking pup! Bet he is a sweetie. If you already have 3 pups destroying your home a 4th won't make much difference. :)


Go for it, Heidi. Ranger looks like he will be a joy to add to your adorable troupe, I had all four of my Jack Russells when they were babies. It was exciting to say the least. Thank you for letting us know. Wanda

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