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I took this photo at our backyard pond. We regularly have dragonflies stop there for a visit. The red ones, like this, are the most common species we see. They will light on an object like this, stay for awhile, then fly off for a bit, only to return to the same spot. This piece of driftwood protruding into the air is one of their favorite spots.
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ringleader, yes...but that one was a Jewish Butterfly, Terry


I found the puzzle:
Not as great a photo as this one though.


Thanks, Faye, for tagging me. Sue, the only time I ever saw a red dragonfly was in Israel. I posted a photo in ringleader2. This is an amazing photo. Thanks. Wow. ...Ardy




dblay, I got home from my trip last night at ten o'clock on Monday, September 9th. For the last few day it finally cooled and the highs were in the 70's. However, starting Wednesday, they jump up to the upper 80's. Terry


olando, we have blue, red and brown ones here. Terry


Awesome!! Great close-up and a beautiful photo. Great puzzle and thank you both. Hope you have a beautiful, but not to hot, day. :-)) We are in the mid to upper 90s and there is a ballgame at 3:00 today in Tuscaloosa. They are telling folks to stay hydrated because it is not an enclosed stadium. Those poor guys on the field are going to be very uncomfortable. My team is and always has been the Alabama Crimson Tide -- Roll Tide!!!! (ha)


That's a beautiful dragonfly. I like them, they are both colorful and elegant. I see them where I live from time to time, but they are blue. Vips

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